5 Celebrities Who’ve Mourned the Death of a Pet

Posted by PZ on August 20th, 2017

Losing a pet is never easy no matter what the circumstance, and these 5 celebrities have all been left very upset by their loss. Feeling as though someone very close to them has passed away, these stars felt as though they lost a close family member when their pet died and took the loss quite […]

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5 Celebrities Open Up on Their Charity Trips

Posted by PZ on August 20th, 2017

Visiting developing, poor countries that are a world away from their usual cushy lifestyles, these 5 celebrities have all gone on eye-opening trips to places that are very removed from the luxury they are accustomed to. Seeing first hand the struggles children and adults alike go through just to have the basics to survive, these […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Been Positive About the Single Life

Posted by PZ on August 19th, 2017

Being single for a while can be tough for anyone, but these 5 celebrities say they’ve found their time alone to be a positive experience. Enjoying having their freedom and their alone time, these stars say they feel stronger and liberated by flying solo. Believing they’ve learned from their time without a boyfriend, these 5 […]

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5 Celebs Who’ve Praised Co-Stars for Their Kissing Skills

Posted by PZ on August 19th, 2017

There are some unusual perks to acting – such as making out with someone you’ve always dreamed about locking lips with! These 5 celebrities have gushed about kissing their co-stars, complimenting those they’ve worked with for having great kissing skills. Some say they were impressed, while others even developed a crush on the person they […]

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5 Celebrities Who Find Confidence Sexy

Posted by PZ on August 18th, 2017

There is nothing worse than someone trying too hard to be sexy – and it’s something we see all of the time, especially with celebrities. These stars agree that the key to being really sexy is just to be confident and let your personality shine through. Believing that being self-assured and bubbly is the way […]

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5 Celebrities Who Have Secret Talents

Posted by PZ on August 18th, 2017

They may be known for their one or two big talents – singing, acting or something else, but these 5 celebrities have all revealed that they have another hidden talent too that few people know about. From cooking to drawing and even ballet, these stars are clearly multi-talented and have shared what they’re secretly good […]

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5 Celebrities Speak on Giving Birth Naturally

Posted by PZ on August 17th, 2017

Shunning painkillers and other treatments to make their birth easier, these 5 celebrities have spoken on natural births. While it can be difficult to plan a natural birth because anything can happen when the time comes, these stars have either gone through with it or plan to in the future, and say they find the […]

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5 Celebrities Who Regret Having Boob Jobs

Posted by PZ on August 17th, 2017

These 5 celebrities have all previously decided to alter their figures and say they now regret their decision, wishing they had never opted to have breast implants. Some had the procedure at a very young age and now admit they were too young. Others thought implants would change them or give them confidence, realizing after […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Admitted to Cocaine Use

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2017

Cocaine is known to be one of those glamour drugs that celebrities use – so it’s no surprise that several stars have candidly admitted that they’ve given it a go. Thankfully finished with drug use, these stars either didn’t enjoy their experience or realized they were addicted and got help for their problem. Here are […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Quit Drinking Alcohol

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2017

They used to drink alcohol all of the time but these 5 celebrities came to the realization that they would be happier without alcohol in their lives. Some simply drank too much or too frequently and realized their lives were suffering as a result, so they decided to sober up for good. Others just wanted […]


5 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Skinny Dipping

Posted by PZ on August 15th, 2017

Skinny dipping is surely a very freeing and fun experience – and what harm is there in a little nudity? These 5 celebrities have all stripped off and gone for a dive! Joining in with friends or their other half, these stars had fun splashing around in a pool or the ocean while completely nude. […]

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5 Celebs Who Were Bullied for Their Looks or Unique Style in School

Posted by PZ on August 15th, 2017

Anyone who has been through high school will know what it’s like, especially for those who didn’t quite fit in – bullies often pick on people who don’t blend in to the crowd and stand out for one reason or another. These 5 celebrities have all said they were bullied for their unique looks or […]

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5 Stars Speak on the Power of Social Media

Posted by PZ on August 14th, 2017

There is no denying it – social media is an extremely powerful tool. Celebrities use it for everything, from raising their profile to earning big bucks through promotion, but it also has some negative effects – it can cause a lack of privacy and there is often backlash if they say something that isn’t totally […]

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5 Celebrities Who Have a Fear of Heights

Posted by PZ on August 14th, 2017

A fear of heights is incredibly common and these 5 celebrities have all admitted that they’ve encountered terrifying experiences that made them realize their big fear. Thankfully working towards getting past it, many of these celebrities pushed themselves to simply get used to big heights in a bid to overcome what scares them. Many had […]

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5 Stars Who Don’t Watch Their Own Movies

Posted by PZ on August 13th, 2017

As an actor or actress, it must be a strange experience to see yourself on the big screen as others watch your performance. These 5 celebrities say they’d prefer not to have to see the final result of their hard work no set and often skip watching their own movies. Some just find it embarrassing or […]

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5 Celebrities Speak on Co-Parenting Their Kids

Posted by PZ on August 13th, 2017

The end of a relationship is never easy, especially when there are kids involved. These 5 celebrities have spoken on how they’ve managed to put their differences aside and co-parent their kids. Although it’s difficult, they do their best to make it as easy as possible for their kids and many say they successfully work […]

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5 Celebrities Who Are Afraid of Getting Old

Posted by PZ on August 12th, 2017

There is no denying it – getting older is a scary process and while there are plenty of perks, there are just as many drawbacks. These 5 celebrities have candidly admitted that they fear becoming old because they worry about what the future has in store for them. Some don’t want to be lonely in […]

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5 Celebrities Who Love Surfing

Posted by PZ on August 11th, 2017

Getting out in to the ocean, these 5 celebrities have all said that they love to surf. Some find it relaxing or spiritual, while others enjoy the adrenaline rush they get and have even had some close brushes with death but it hasn’t put them off. Having fun in the sun, these stars love to […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Trained for Ballet

Posted by PZ on August 11th, 2017

Ballet is a difficult discipline that demands dancers to spent hours daily perfecting not only their dancing skills, but also their bodies. It’s grueling training but these 5 celebrities have all done it. Some of these stars still keep training and say it’s an enjoyable but tough hobby, while others trained in their younger years […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Terrifying Shark Encounters

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

Getting in to the water to have some fun or even for work, these 5 celebrities were left terrified after having a close encounter with a shark unexpectedly.  Some got close to being injured by the shark, while others quickly spotted the approaching danger and swiftly moved out on the way or just narrowly escaped. […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Adopted Rescue Dogs

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

Deciding to adopt a pet rather than purchase a new one, these celebrities went to shelters or adopted strays and gave a rescue dog a new loving home. Doing a great thing and also finding a new best friend, these stars have spoken on taking in their pet pooches and saving them from a life […]

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5 Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Posted by PZ on August 9th, 2017

Life is always going to be hard if we take everything to heart or can’t laugh at those difficult moments. These 5 celebrities all say they have a sense of humor about themselves and try not to get wound up about what life throws at them. Approaching their lives with a lighthearted view, these celebrities […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Told Their ‘Mile High Club’ Stories

Posted by PZ on August 9th, 2017

Taking it all off after take off, these 5 celebrities have all revealed that they’ve joined the legendary ‘Mile High Club’ in the past. Getting frisky mid-flight, these stars have opened up on how they joined the club and who they were with when the deed went down. Here are their own memorable stories! Carmen […]


5 Celebrities Who Are Attracted to Bad Boys

Posted by PZ on August 8th, 2017

Admitting that they often have a type they go for when it comes to dating, these 5 celebrities say they are attracted to bad boys. Some just like that bad boy vibe – tattoos, long hair or style to match the look. Others like it when a guy acts a little rebellious or dangerous because […]

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