What to Wear to Your Job Interview to Look Professional While Staying Comfortable

Posted by admin on July 30th, 2020

What to Wear to Your Job Interview to Look Professional While Staying Comfortable Let’s face it, the coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives in many ways, and unfortunately millions of Americans have found themselves unemployed or in fear of being let go as a result of the impact it’s had on the economy. As with […]


Pros and Cons, You Should Be Aware When It Comes to Buying Underwear Online Revealed!

Posted by admin on July 27th, 2020

There has been an increase in the acceptance of purchasing underwear online in the recent past. To many, going to shop at the physical store was mind consuming task with numerous challenges. However, with e-stores that deal with undergarments, the whole process has been smoothened out. Today, most people are enjoying the ease of purchase, […]


What Different Types of Silver Are Used in Jewelry Today?

Posted by admin on July 20th, 2020

Jewelry manufacturers are using many different types of silver to craft jewelry today. Here are the most common grades of silver being used today. While gold has long been hailed as the rarest and most valuable metal, silver is in fact rarer. Aboveground, there is 5 to 7 times more gold waiting to be mined than there […]


How to Style Jewelry to Go With Your Outfit Perfectly

Posted by admin on June 3rd, 2020

Are you trying to figure out how to style jewelry to go with your outfit? Read this article to learn more about styling outfits with jewelry. Are you preparing your attire for that big event later this year? Are you wondering if you’re wearing your jewelry the right way? Your jewelry can sometimes be the […]


How to Choose a Wedding Suit

Posted by Christie on March 10th, 2020

Even though the bride shines brightly on the wedding day, the groom can be as invested in his clothing as well. When your ceremony is fast approaching, you could look for a wedding suit that makes you look as good as possible, but you can also use it on some other days. Here are a […]


The Perfect Prom Dress: A How-To Guide to Finding Your Dream Dress

Posted by admin on March 6th, 2020

Prom is quickly coming up; do you know what kind of dress you want? Let us take the stress out of finding the perfect prom dress with these tips! Everyone remembers their prom night! What they did, what they were wearing, who they were with; it’s a special night for everyone in the long run. […]


Let Your Shirt Do the Talking: 7 Celebrities Who Know How to Rock Graphic Tees

Posted by admin on February 19th, 2020

PSA: It’s 2020 now, which means that you can officially kick anyone out of your life who thinks that graphic tees are childish. Okay, maybe that’s a little overdramatic–but it’s a new year, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Besides, the naysayers are just flat-out wrong about graphic tees, as […]


Hottest Sunglasses Trends Right Now

Posted by admin on February 10th, 2020

Did you know that the sun does the most damage to our eyes in the autumn, winter and spring? This is because, in these months, the sun is at its lowest in the sky. So, don’t wait until your summer vacation comes around to treat yourself to the hottest new look in sunglasses. Of course, […]


Fashion On The English Premier League Football

Posted by admin on December 23rd, 2019

Like medieval knights and gladiators, footballers must dress some choose as they continue to enjoy their big paycheck on their daily lives. As a result, you’ll see most international players clad in designer clothes and branded items that match not only their wealth but also an individual’s character and social status. Here’s a quick dive […]

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5 Stars Who Dress Depending on Their Mood

Posted by admin on November 8th, 2019

Letting their mood change how they dress, these 5 celebrities say their style is often influenced by how they’re feeling on a particular day. Although some have a signature style, their choices are still affected by their mood and can change what they wear on a daily basis. Here is what they have to say […]


Different Types of Bridal Robes for the Bride

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2019

Bridesmaids spend at least a thousand dollars on wedding preparations. These costs include expenses for gowns, throwing a shower, and, most importantly, wedding gifts. If you are a bridesmaid in search for the perfect wedding gift, do not worry. A bridal robe, such as those found at Zynotti, is an excellent gift for the occasion.   What is a […]


Essential Golf Outfits for Men

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2019

Under the environmental heat and the surmounting pressure, playing golf is not as easy as it seems.   Playing golf might look easy, but it is pretty tricky. That is why there are specific standards that must be met to master the sport. What outfit does the player wears is of paramount importance in playing golf. […]


3 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Diamond Pendant

Posted by admin on October 29th, 2019

How do you accessorize a little black dress or a crisp, white shirt? Why not try upgrading your look with a stunning diamond pendant? This beautiful piece of jewelry adds sophistication to even the simplest of outfits. A woman will feel more confident and powerful with this brilliant symbol of hope and love on her […]


Should You Wear a Thrasher Tee?

Posted by admin on October 21st, 2019

One of the most common fashion statements these days is wearing a brand’s name on every clothing item. It can be seen on hoodies, beanies, or even t-shirts. The practice has been so rampant that people use these trademark names when speaking of the styles or even the people are often seen wearing it. “Thrasher” […]


What to Wear with Your Dress: 8 Prom Accessories to Wear This Year

Posted by admin on October 13th, 2019

What should you wear with your prom dress? We put together a list of eight prom accessories you won’t want to forget to wear this year. Prom is one of the most anticipated events for any high schooler. But it doesn’t come cheap. Between the promposal, tickets, and outfits, most teens spend about $1,000 on […]


Top 7 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Posted by admin on September 5th, 2019

If you thought your engagement ring was expensive, think again. Keep reading for top 7 most expensive celebrity engagement rings. When a celebrity gets engaged, the sparkler presented is often blinding with many engagement rings costing millions of dollars. With so much money to play with, celebrities are known to compete with one another when […]


Look and Feel Great: The Most Stylish and Popular Sandals to Buy in 2019

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2019

Having the right footwear is a key component of any outfit. Click here for a list of some stylish and popular sandals to buy in 2019. Did you know that the US imports over seven pairs of footwear for every person living within it? It’s such a big market you’ll never run out of options. […]


The Best Style Of Boots For Your Body

Posted by admin on September 2nd, 2019

When it comes to choosing an outfit then, you want to make sure it suits your body, it is important that you choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in and this is no different when it comes to choosing shoes. When it comes to shoes, you should also make sure you choose ones that […]


Plus Size Fashion Tips for Your Body Shape

Posted by admin on August 15th, 2019

Times are changing, and our perception of the perfect body no longer conforms to what has once believed to be. Plus size women are endowed with attractive and bigger bodies. However, what makes a plus-size woman stand out is the ability to identify her actual body shape and wear dresses that accentuate certain parts while […]


Looking Great on the Cheap: How to Find Cheap Designer Clothes

Posted by admin on August 6th, 2019

Designer clothes are awesome, but are known for being very expensive. Check out this guide to learn how to find cheap designer clothes that look great! When it comes to fashion, there’s almost nothing that can beat designer clothes. Beyond the great aesthetics, you can’t deny that who you’re wearing is great for confidence. A […]


What is the name of the necklace in Titanic

Posted by admin on July 3rd, 2019

Titanic’s “The Heart of the Ocean” is made of tanzanite. It is produced at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, a world-famous tourist spot. It has been buried deep below 2 kilometers and was not known until 1967. It is said that lightning ignited a grassland fire. After the fire, the yellowish ore that was originally […]


Solange Knowles on Her Fashion Influences & Experimental Style Moments

Posted by admin on June 23rd, 2019

Solange Knowles has opened up on her unique fashion sense which always makes a statement both on and off the red carpet. The DJ and singer explains that living in Houston, she found it difficult to dress for the weather because of the constant heat. She missed the lack of opportunities to layer up her […]


5 Stars Who Are Inspired by Street Style

Posted by admin on June 19th, 2019

Street style has become more important to fashion than ever before, with many trends taking off after being spotted on unique dressers walking the streets of Paris, New York or London. Daring to be different, a unique street style is all about grabbing attention for a well pieced together look, and these 5 stars all agree […]


Top 7 Plus Size Models That are Dominating the Industry Right Now

Posted by admin on June 14th, 2019

Plus size models are taking over the world and the industry. Keep reading for top 7 plus size models that are dominating the industry right now. The body types of Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner were all the media showed for many years. The constant under-representation of curvier women left many consumers out in the […]