5 Amazing Celebrity Foundation Application & Contouring Hacks

Sharing their secrets for flawless foundation application, these 5 stars have commented on the amazing tricks they use to create a gorgeous glowing final look. Some have found a unique way to apply foundation, while others get more technical and use concealer tricks or apply various shades of colour to create a contoured look. Others love that natural, dewy finish and have shared how they manage to get glowing skin which has become a big red carpet trend as of late. Here are their insider application and contouring hacks!


  1. Emma Roberts

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Emma uses a damp makeup sponge to achieve a dewy final result: “I use the BeautyBlender, that pink sponge. It’s my favorite thing. You have to get it wet, put it under warm water and then squeeze it out really well and then it just makes your foundation go on really dewy and nice. I love it!”


  1. Kate Winslet

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Kate uses two different foundation shades: “Your face is never all one colour – the upper part is often slightly darker. I love Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation . It’s unbelievable because you can use a really thin layer to begin with, and you can layer it up if you want to. It blends so easily; it’s absolutely brilliant.”


  1. Kelly Brook

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Kelly uses a concealer to add highlights and depth to her face: “I apply foundation and a creamy concealer a couple of shades lighter from the corners of the nose to the smile lines and blend with my fingertips. This smooths lines and gives the illusion of younger skin. I sometimes use a darker concealer or bronzer under the cheekbone and on the temple.”


  1. Lauren Pope

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Lauren keeps her t-zone matte using powder, and prefers a dewy look on the rest of her face. She explained: “I like to keep my T-zone matte and my cheeks dewy. Naturally I get quite shiny on my forehead so I always powder – I like Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.” 

  1. Nicole Scherzinger

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Nicole advises that to freshen up already applied foundation, first mix some moisturiser with the product so it looks less cakey: “Thick and cakey make-up can be ageing, so instead of layering on more foundation, carry a travel-size moisturiser in your handbag that you can mix with your foundation to dab on as cover-up or use as a highlighter for your cheeks and nose.”