5 Stars Who Find Making Music Therapeutic

Posted by PZ on August 31st, 2017

Putting pen to paper and unloading those emotions, or just singing their hearts out, these 5 stars say they find making music so therapeutic and always feel good after they’ve created something. Some use their dark times and difficult experiences, channeling their energy in to putting a positive spin on their stories, while others just love to write down what they’ve been through and create something beautiful.



Adele feels as though she is unloading her emotions when she’s writing songs: “I describe myself as a self-help singer. My writing is therapeutic. I get it out of my system. I get a bit sad now and then, and it’s quite embarrassing singing songs about someone when we’ve both moved on. When I was in Birmingham, I sang ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and ‘Someone Like You’ and I burst into tears and couldn’t finish.”

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