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5 Stars Who’ve Been on Blind Dates

Posted by PZ on September 16th, 2021

Hoping to find love, these 5 stars all decided to give a blind date a go. Some were completely turned off by the experience and didn’t enjoy the company of the person they were set up with. Others surprisingly found love and were very happy with their date. Taking a risk and having some fun, […]

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5 Celeb Moms Who Are Passing on a Healthy Body Image to Their Kids

Posted by PZ on January 30th, 2021

These 5 celebrity moms have all realised the importance of making sure their kids grow up appreciating their bodies and also not focusing on them too much. Wanting their kids to think more about their education and other more important things, these star parents are doing what they can to ensure their children aren’t just […]

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Cindy Crawford Talks About Caring For Her Hair & Reversing Damage

Posted by PZ on November 5th, 2017

Legendary super model Cindy Crawford, admits she had no idea her hair would change so much and could be damaged by frequent use of products and over-washing. These days, she says she does her best to keep it in check and is “kinder” to her hair now. She tries to cut back on washing and […]

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5 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips for Turning Back the Clock

Posted by admin on September 19th, 2017

Want to take off a few years, turn back the clock? These 5 celebrities have some amazing tips and tricks that they swear by for looking young. Some believe hair colour can make someone look instantly younger, while others think taking care of their skin or working out regularly is what keeps them looking their […]

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5 Celebs Who Are Scared of Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by PZ on September 8th, 2017

We all know there are plenty of celebrities who use cosmetic surgery to stay looking young, but often it doesn’t always work out so well and their faces can change dramatically and alter their appearance over time. These 5 celebrities admit they’re afraid of having cosmetic procedures because they don’t want to mess with their […]

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5 Female Stars Discuss Body Image

Posted by PZ on August 21st, 2017

Body image is always a difficult subject to tackle, as many women just find it hard to accept their shape and size – there is always something that isn’t quite perfect or an amount of weight that needs to be lost. These 5 female stars have opened up on the subject, many saying they hope […]

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5 Celebrities Who Find Confidence Sexy

Posted by PZ on August 18th, 2017

There is nothing worse than someone trying too hard to be sexy – and it’s something we see all of the time, especially with celebrities. These stars agree that the key to being really sexy is just to be confident and let your personality shine through. Believing that being self-assured and bubbly is the way […]

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7 of the Best Dressed Stars at the Cannes Film Festival 2013

Posted by PZ on May 21st, 2013

Standing out as they strolled the red carpet, these 7 stars wowed onlookers with their perfectly put together red carpet choices at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Opting for the perfect gown, completing the look with diamond-studded jewels and gorgeous makeup/hair, these 7 embodied the glamour and elegance that the lavish festival is all about. […]

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5 Beautiful Female Stars Who Aren’t Worrying About Ageing

Posted by PZ on April 11th, 2013

When your beautiful and in the spotlight, there is very clearly a lot of pressure to continue looking just as amazing as you did in your twenties, into your forties and beyond. It’s obviously unrealistic! These 5 beautiful female stars don’t subscribe to that ridiculous beauty standard but continue to look stunning to this date. […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Admitted They Have Cellulite

Posted by PZ on August 3rd, 2012

Cellulite is a common skin condition, but in a world where celebrities are supposed to be perfect, it’s unusual for any stars to admit that they have trouble with the nasty orange peel problem – these 5 celebrities are refreshingly honest and have openly stated that they suffer from it because they don’t have perfect […]

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6 Celebrities Who Gave Birth at Home

Posted by PZ on December 13th, 2011

Home birthing has become increasingly popular, especially with celebrities, who have spoken about their experiences after they welcomed their baby. Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen says that her home birth was painless, while the likes of Pamela Anderson has also lauded water births at home – she says she didn’t need any painkillers when she gave […]

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Cindy Crawford at the 68th International Venice Film Festival

Posted by PZ on September 1st, 2011

Photo: Attending the 68th International Venice Film Festival, Cindy Crawford joined Rande Gerber on the red carpet as the two attended a screening of ‘The Ides of March’, George Clooney’s latest film. Cindy seems to have miraculously stopped time, at least where her looks are concerned – here she looks as fresh and as […]

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16 Celebrities Lounging Poolside

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2011

Lounging poolside in style at hot locations such as Miami or New York, these famous stars know how to soak up some rays in serious style, at celebrity hotspots (or hotels with a jaw-dropping price-tag) and with a bunch of friends. From bikini-clad songstresses relaxing with cocktails, to actors taking time out to top up […]

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16 Celebrities on Vacation

Posted by PZ on March 13th, 2011

A celebrity vacation is always a lavish one, with promises of golden beaches, yacht rides and idyllic villas awaiting the celebrity who is much in need of a getaway.  From Cabo to The Caribbean, these stars have found themselves a dreamy spot to spend their vacay – check out these stars as they slip into […]

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15 Celebrities Smoking Cigars

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2011

While there are many celebrity cigarette smokers (try and find one that doesn’t!), cigars are a whole different ball game. From rappers to ex-presidents, here is a look at the stars who get their tobacco hit from only the finest, fattest cigars around – and there are a few surprise lovers of cigars too – […]

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15 Model Moms

Posted by PZ on January 24th, 2011

Model Moms: these are the models who have snapped back to their original shape just weeks after giving birth, the Victoria’s Secret Angels who have fearlessly flaunted their post-birth bodies and the catwalk models who have juggled a hectic schedule of fashion shows with their even more demanding family life. Here are 15 models who […]

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12 Celebrities Talk Botox

Posted by PZ on December 11th, 2010

Botox: many celebrities have admitted to trying it, some have denied it and some say they would never use it – here is a look at 12 different celebrities and their opinion on botox. Carey Mulligan thinks botox is ridiculous, Cindy Crawford admits it’s one of the ways she keeps young and Jennifer Aniston says she […]

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19 Celebrities Dressed Up As Other Stars

Posted by PZ on November 7th, 2010

It may have been for Halloween, or for a hilarious skit, but for some reason or another, celebrities often end up dressing up as, well, other celebrities! From Paris Hilton doing her best Audrey Hepburn impression to Tina Fey’s strangely convincing attempt at channeling Sarah Palin, these stars have taken on the looks and sometimes […]

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16 Older Models Who Still Get Work

Posted by PZ on October 6th, 2010

While most models only expect their careers to last a few years at best, some models have lasted for much longer. From the original supermodels of the 90’s, who are still going strong today, to the other models who defined an era of fashion history, and have kept their graceful looks and elegant shape as […]

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16 Stars and Their Cars

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2010

When you have the perfect mansion and are can’t find enough room to store all of your designer clothes – why not spend some money on an extremely expensive, showy car? Some of these celebrities have invested in their dream cars, while others have chosen to not flash their cash too much, and have gone […]

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17 Celebrity Workout Videos

Posted by PZ on August 8th, 2010

These celebrities have suited up in leotards for their own workout videos – from the plain random (Walk it Off with George Foreman) to the ones that look like they might just work (well, we can wish that we look like Cindy Crawford anyway) – here is a look at 17 workout videos made by […]

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Old-A$$ Model With Whack-A$$ Hair = Fashion!

Posted by Moxie on August 3rd, 2010

You may have noticed various celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, and Kate Moss wandering around with stupid-colored hair. Turns out there’s a reason for it! And it’s also stupid. Model Kristen McMenamy’s naturally gray hair has sparked a fad, and people have latched on to it as though they wouldn’t start dyeing their […]

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8 Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Posted by PZ on July 17th, 2010

Celebrity weddings are always extravagant, and when it comes down to the most important part – the dress,  the celebrity bride-to-be tends to go all out to make sure they have the most exquisite for their big day. From layer upon layer of floaty fabrics to the all important veil, these celebrity dresses show off […]

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17 Stylish Celebrity Moms

Posted by PZ on July 16th, 2010

They may have kids, but somehow these celebrities manage to look effortless, even when they’re running around with a diaper bag in one hand and the latest Chanel clutch in the other. These celebrity moms show that fashion can still be fun, fresh and exciting even when you’ve got your kids to think of too. […]

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