Cindy Crawford’s Sexual Confessions | from ‘caught by kids’ to ‘scandal with NBA superstar’

Cindy Crawford was a supermodel who was famous for her incredible body, incredible hair, and incredible good looks, but few people knew about her wild sexual exploits in the bedroom.

Sexual confessions made by Cindy Crawford, from ‘caught by kids’ to ‘scandal with NBA superstar’

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In the 1980s and 1990s, Cindy Crawford was a global phenomenon, and her image appeared on the covers of countless periodicals.

Men lusted after her, and women aspired to be like her, but in the 2000s she found contentment as a wife and mother of two.

Cindy has always been forthright about her sex life, even after adopting a more reclusive routine.

Keep reading to learn about the supermodel’s most outrageous sexual exploits and her best advice for maintaining a satisfying sexual life.

Caught by kids

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Since Cindy has an active sex life, she has found herself in some sticky situations, the most embarrassing of which involved her children discovering her sex exploits by accident.

Crawford revealed that she and husband Rande Gerber use their guest house as a sex den. They have “unplanned” sexual encounters.

“We have a little guesthouse down on the beach – it’s like having a getaway without getting away.”

She said that they often “don’t even bother with candlelight” and prefer to get right to it.

Crawford continued on to say that they were often “in a time crunch” as they “didn’t want their kids walking in” – which had previously happened to them.

She said: “We had our door locked and we never lock our door lock, and our daughter comes. She’s like: ‘What are you doing in there?’ I said: ‘You know what, Daddy and I are spending some time together.’ She was like: ‘Oh God! I don’t want to hear that!’”

Cindy’s subtle sign now lets her kids know that they shouldn’t bother them “if the door is closed and locked.”

Scandal with NBA superstar

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Back in 2001, basketball player Shaquille O’Neal apologized to Cindy for his previous comments.

O’Neal claimed in a radio interview that he had slept with the supermodel, along with Venus Williams and the singer Aaliyah.

Yet the women were infuriated by the allegations and fought back against the ex-Boston Celtics player.

After the false reports surfaced in tabloid newspapers, the three women joined forces and filed a complaint with the radio station.

Shaq later apologized to Cindy, Venus, and Aaliyah, saying that those who know him “know he’s a comedian.”

O’Neal said that everyone in the studio “knew that he was laughing,” but they also “understood that the women didn’t take it as a joke.”

He then apologized to the women privately.

Pole dance

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Cindy wanted to rediscover her sexuality after having children Presley and Kaia, so she took up pole dancing.

Sensual activity helped her reconnect with herself and delighted both her and her husband, Rande.

“There are no steps to learn with pole dancing and after having kids, it’s great to re-tap into that sexuality and sensuality. You dance to music differently because you hear it differently, and my husband doesn’t complain.”

Sex schedule

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Although Cindy has always claimed that her sexual activity “isn’t planned,” she recently admitted that she and her husband had been going through some rough patches.

As Crawford acknowledged in 2012, the couple’s busy work schedules prevented them from making time for romantic dates.

The television personality said that she and her husband needed the dedicated time together because “if they waited for the moment to strike” then there would be “some dry spells”.