Cindy Crawford Talks About Caring For Her Hair & Reversing Damage


Legendary super model Cindy Crawford, admits she had no idea her hair would change so much and could be damaged by frequent use of products and over-washing. These days, she says she does her best to keep it in check and is “kinder” to her hair now. She tries to cut back on washing and when she has a blow-dry, she tries to make it last longer. She also uses pins to keep it clean and neat when she’s sleeping or working out. The model explained:

”No one tells you about your hair! You don’t expect the texture to change and that it will break more easily. I’m definitely kinder to it now. I don’t wash and dry it every day. I try to make a blow-dry last. If I work out, I’ll pin it up in a top knot so I don’t get dents in it. I’ll sleep with it pinned up.”

Cindy does her best to try to reverse some of the damage by using hair masks, but she prefers masks that works quickly so she doesn’t have to stand around waiting for them to work their magic. She explained that she doesn’t think long hair masks make sense because no one wants to hang out waiting:

”There’s a Jasmine hair mask from Lush that I love. You put it on before you wash your hair, before you get in the shower. With regular masks they say to wash your hair and then leave it on for 10 minutes. What am I doing waiting naked in the shower with a 10-minute hair mask on? It doesn’t make any sense.”