5 Stars Who’ve Been on Blind Dates

Hoping to find love, these 5 stars all decided to give a blind date a go. Some were completely turned off by the experience and didn’t enjoy the company of the person they were set up with. Others surprisingly found love and were very happy with their date. Taking a risk and having some fun, these stars have all spoken on their memorable blind date experience.

Aaron Eckhart


Aaron once flew across the country to go on a blind date: “I’m not at liberty to say (who). I will say that it was sort of a celebrity blind date. I have different theories about dating. One is, everybody tells you, ‘Be proactive, go out there and get it.’ And then there’s the ‘Be passive, let it come to you’ (theory). So I was thinking, alright well I’ll go do this. So I flew to New York and I said, ‘Look, let’s just meet for 10 minutes and see if we like each other. And if we don’t, no skin off my back, I’ll just fly back to Los Angeles. We met in a little corner of a restaurant bar in New York City. She looked at me and I looked at her, and I said, ‘That’s about it for me.’ Well I didn’t say that, I said, ‘I didn’t feel the kaboom.’ I sat down and we went to dinner, we had a marvellous time, and I walked her home. No (goodnight kiss). I was a gentleman.”

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill met her husband on a blind date: “My best friend introduced us. It was a blind date. I found someone who really makes me laugh, who I can’t imagine not having as my companion… It’s the whole, complete package. I’m very happy.”

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny went on a terrible blind date that she left swiftly: “I was set up by a friend. I flew to the city this guy was in. That’s how much I believe in love. I checked into a hotel, got ready. I went to the restaurant and sat down. Five minutes – maybe two minutes into the conversion – he talked about how much he despised kids. Because of that date I do a criteria check before every date. Number one is, ‘Do you like kids?’ And number two is, ‘Do you have kids?’ He wanted to set the tone that he wasn’t planning on being a substitute father but he was there for a good time. I didn’t even get to the check (bill). I said, ‘Excuse me.’ I got up and grabbed my purse and walked out the door and flew home.”

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin went on a blind date with a prankster: “It was interesting. I went on a blind date. I didn’t know who he was. Big mistake. I should have (Googled) him… Well, he wanted to do a skit, because we went with four other friends. And he wrote me and he said, ‘Wouldn’t this be funny if we played a trick on our mutual friends?’ Where (he) said, ‘Hey Kristin what colour panties are you wearing?’ And I said, ‘Haha.’ Shocked and awed, then scared. I mean he had stage directions in there… And I say, madly, ‘Pink.’ And then he wrote back, ‘Can I have them?’ And then I was supposed to slip out of my panties and then give them to him. And they (panties) say, ‘I love… let’s call him, Jim Bob’. So I told Bob I didn’t want to do it and he showed up with his own prop. He brought panties.”

Cindy Crawford

Cindy once went on a blind date with Alec Baldwin but it didn’t work out well: “Alec had just seen me on the cover of Cosmo (Cosmopolitan). I think he was expecting me to open the door and have everything hiked up and looking glamorous, but I was just a girl going on a date. I felt like I saw his face just fall like, ‘She’s not that Cosmo girl.'”