5 Female Stars Discuss Body Image

Body image is always a difficult subject to tackle, as many women just find it hard to accept their shape and size – there is always something that isn’t quite perfect or an amount of weight that needs to be lost. These 5 female stars have opened up on the subject, many saying they hope they can be more positive about their own figures, and some believe their unique sizes and shapes are promoting a positive image for younger girls.

Cindy Crawford


Cindy wants to learn to be more accepting and positive about her own body insecurities: ”I’m a normal woman, sometimes I feel pretty good and some days I’m like, ‘Oh my God, nothing fits.’ My new resolution is that by the time I am 50, I want to have come to terms with my body.”For me, being five pounds lighter, what it would cost me… I don’t want to be like, oh no, no salad dressing, no wine, no fun.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer thinks people need to be happy with their own figures and not starve themselves just to make others happy: “Well screw those people. I experienced it in school before I was famous. The world has a certain idea – we see this airbrushed, perfect model and then if you don’t look like that. You have to look past it – you look how you look, and be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

Kate Upton

Kate is happy to be a positive body role model: “I am excited to be in a place where I can be a good example… I think it’s important to look at magazines and think a healthy lifestyle is attainable. Now that the fashion industry likes the idea of me, I’m happy if I can have an influence. I’m sure every girl can relate. You go shopping and you’re not the same size in every brand – some look good on you and others don’t.”

Miranda Lambert

Miranda believes she represents a good body image for girls: “I’m super into giving girls – especially younger girls – a positive body image. I’m just a normal-sized girl, the girl you would probably come over and have a beer with if you lived next door right now, and we’d probably be frying chicken. I don’t ever want to stray away from that.”

Shailene Woodley

Shailene has accept her own body and feel healthy: “I’m in a place where I feel healthier than I’ve ever been, and my body is exactly where it wants to be.”