Leonardo DiCaprio Survived Terrifying Great White Shark Attack


Leonardo DiCaprio has told a terrifying story about his close encounter with a Great White Shark for the first time. Leo, who is currently promoting his new film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ commented that while filming Blood Diamond in 2006 he decided to face his fear of sharks by diving down in a cage to see one in real life. However, something went wrong and the shark managed to get half of his body inside of the cage. Luckily, Leonardo quickly lay flat and narrowly avoided the hungry shark:

 “I had a huge fear of sharks, and when I did Blood Diamond in 2006 I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome. It was a gigantic great white… They actually said in 30 years this has never happened, but the tuna kind of got stuck on the top of the cage and the great white leapt out and tried to bite it and went into the cage with me.”

He says the entire experience was “terrifying and he was lucky to escape alive:

“Half of its body was in and (half was) out, and I flattened down at the bottom… It chomped a few times but I survived it… It was absolutely terrifying.”

Opening up on his new role in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Leonardo said that the Wall Street world is a fascinating one:

”It’s a world that still puzzles me. I’m fascinated and repulsed by it. [Jordan Belfort] wasn’t responsible for bankrupting our country, but he represented something in our culture and represented the attitude of these guys. When you’re put into that world, your main motivation is answering to your boss about what you’ve earned. That mentality is very destructive. With Jordan in this film, he created a feeding frenzy for people like that and he became a cult leader. Everybody on Wall Street is not like this. While doing research I learned there are plenty of people on Wall Street who are very responsible and trying to give back.”