5 Actors Who Don’t Care About Winning an Oscar

The Oscars are just around the corner and the hype over nominations has everyone talking – however, these 5 actors say they don’t care about winning one and reveal that they aren’t hungry to see their name on the nominations list. Some have been nominated before, while others haven’t, and they all say it equally doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t change anything in their lives if they did take home one of those famous golden statues.

Bradley Cooper


Bradley says winning an Oscar wouldn’t change anything in his life and he doesn’t believe it would make a big difference to him in the end: “I don’t want to win an Oscar. It would change nothing. Nothing. The things in my life that aren’t fulfilled would not be fulfilled.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo has been nominated multiple times in the past but says he is not at all hungry to win, and doesn’t feel he needs to pursue it in order to feel fulfilled: “I feel like some people are titled as Oscar-hungry, and I would not say that I’m hungry for one. It’s not something I’ve got to have in my life.”

Samuel L. Jackson
samuel l

Samuel doesn’t see the value of winning an Oscar because it doesn’t change how his career is going overall: “[Winning an Oscar] is definitely not going to help my box-office record.”

Tom Cruise

Tom didn’t grow up desiring to win an Oscar and says it has never been a career goal for him: “I didn’t grow up watching the Oscars, so it’s never been a goal. I wanted to act. People have tried to get me to do a role by saying, ‘This is your Oscar.’ That means nothing to me.”

Will Smith

Will thinks winning an Oscar is meaningless and it is more important to do something that impacts the lives of others positively: “I just want to do good in the world. I don’t need an Oscar to do good.”