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5 Actors Who Don’t Care About Winning an Oscar

Posted by PZ on August 22nd, 2020

The Oscars are just around the corner and the hype over nominations has everyone talking – however, these 5 actors say they don’t care about winning one and reveal that they aren’t hungry to see their name on the nominations list. Some have been nominated before, while others haven’t, and they all say it equally […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Terrifying Shark Encounters

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

Getting in to the water to have some fun or even for work, these 5 celebrities were left terrified after having a close encounter with a shark unexpectedly.  Some got close to being injured by the shark, while others quickly spotted the approaching danger and swiftly moved out on the way or just narrowly escaped. […]

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5 Stars Who’ve Struggled With a Fear of Being Alone

Posted by PZ on June 26th, 2017

Afraid of being on their own for a long period of time, these 5 stars worry they’ll be left without anyone by their sides. Some were in long relationships and feared being single again after such a long time because they weren’t sure how to handle that loneliness. Others say their job can often make […]

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5 Actors Who’ve Found Roles Very Emotionally Challenging

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2015

To be a great actor or actress, it can take a lot of emotional investment in a particular character and that must be quite draining for anyone to go through. Speaking on taking an emotionally challenging role that they personally found heavy in terms of how much they were forced to deal with, these stars […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Had a Crush on Leonardo DiCarpio

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2015

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, especially if you grew up in the 90s when he starred in Titanic and Romeo & Juliet. The actor continues to age like a fine wine and he knows he can pretty much date anyone he wants – usually picking a Victoria’s […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Survived Terrifying Great White Shark Attack

Posted by PZ on January 8th, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio has told a terrifying story about his close encounter with a Great White Shark for the first time. Leo, who is currently promoting his new film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ commented that while filming Blood Diamond in 2006 he decided to face his fear of sharks by diving down in a cage […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Thinks it Would be “Meaningful” to Win an Oscar

Posted by PZ on January 3rd, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio has admitted that it would mean a lot to him to win an Oscar for his work. Leonardo currently stars in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and says he would be extremely happy if the film was shown some love during awards season but the actor realizes there is nothing he can do […]

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5 Celebrities Who Get Lonely on the Road

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2013

Finding it hard to fly solo all of the time, these 5 celebrities have spoken on feeling lonely while on the road. Their career may take them to plenty of amazing places but they often find themselves feeling alone when they’ve got time on their hands and no where to go. Feeling stuck inside a […]

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Story of the Day: Leonardo DiCaprio Says His Work Keeps Him Single

Posted by PZ on April 17th, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that his work keeps him from having a steady relationship. The actor has had several high profile relationships with a string of models including his most recent – Erin Heatherton – but he admits that being in different parts of the world and constantly on set makes his relationship complicated. He […]

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14 Celebrities Who Own Unusual Pets

Posted by Katie F. on April 6th, 2013

Kate Upton faced some competition when shooting a 16-page fashion spread for Harper’s Bazaar recently, but it wasn’t from the other models. Upton brought her signature sex appeal to the shoot, but she may have been overshadowed by all the adorable baby animals she posed with! Upton and several other top models wore some of […]

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5 Gorgeous Blonde Models Leonardo DiCaprio Has Previously Dated

Posted by PZ on February 22nd, 2013

A Victoria Secret catalog not only provides you with a good look at what underwear the lingerie company has right now, but if your Leonardo DiCaprio, you can also browse for new prospective girlfriends. He has dated them all, throughout the years racking up some very impressive notches on his belt. Sure, he could have […]

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Afternoon Links: Leonardo DiCaprio Taking A Long Break From Hollywood

Posted by PZ on January 21st, 2013

Leo is taking a break from Hollywood after filming three films in a row Gossip Leonardo DiCaprio Taking A Long Much Needed Break From Hollywood! – fitfabceleb Josh Hopkins and Courteney Cox Dating? – celebrityviplounge Katie Holmes Is Alterna Haircare’s Face & Co-Owner – ourvanity Taylor Swift and Harry Styles: No In One Direction Anymore […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Encouraging Robert Pattinson to Date a Supermodel?

Posted by PZ on August 17th, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio loves dating models. Not just any models either – super hot lingerie models with smokin’ hot bods usually. Apparently, after hearing about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, Leo reached out to Rob and asked him to hang out at a secret party he’s planning – he believes they’re both quite alike and have […]

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5 Stars Who Are Concerned About Global Warming

Posted by PZ on April 5th, 2012

Global warming is an important issue which affects everyone, and these 5 stars have all done their part to try and combat the huge problem. Some have donated money or have appeared in ads to highlight the cause, while others have seen first hand what ill effects global warming can have. Each of these stars […]

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3 Stars, Including Russell Brand, Who Hate Getting Their Picture Taken

Posted by Katie F. on March 13th, 2012

Most celebrities don’t like being followed around by paparazzi all day long, but Russell Brand let his temper get out of control recently when he spotted a photographer taking his picture with a cell phone. Brand has been named in a police report filed in New Orleans. Photographer Timothy Jackson accused Russell of causing “criminal damages” after […]

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3 Stars, Including Matt Damon, Who Vacation On Yachts

Posted by Katie F. on January 20th, 2012

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso are spending some time aboard a luxury yacht in St. Barts and they took some of their famous friends with them for the ride. Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky joined them for the vacation. Maybe Chris and Elsa tagged along to learn some valuable parenting advice – the […]

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3 Celebs, Including Leonardo DiCaprio, Who Date Victoria’s Secret Models

Posted by Katie F. on December 23rd, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted with several different models lately, but it seems he finally picked one to get serious with. Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton recently flew to Sydney, Australia to spend time with DiCaprio. The couple was seen together at a martial arts contest and having dinner last weekend. This week, Heatherton spent […]

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5 Hot Star Guys Blake Lively Has Dated

Posted by PZ on December 19th, 2011

Blake Lively has dated a whole string of amazing guys. It all started back in 2004, when she started dating Kelly Blatz. After that relationship ended, she moved on to costar Penn Badgley, which lasted until 2010. Since then, she has been playing the field, and has been seen with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio […]

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7 Actors That Produce Films As Well

Posted by Katie F. on November 28th, 2011

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Leonardo DiCaprio Got Victoria’s Secret Models For His Birthday

Posted by Katie F. on November 15th, 2011

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Smack Shots: Kim Kardashian At Kris Humphries’ Home & More

Posted by PZ on November 7th, 2011

Photos: INFdaily.com Kim Kardashian was seen outside the home of Kris Humphries in Minnesota Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at ‘Good Morning America’ in NYC Victoria Beckham and Kids Cheer on David at the LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake game

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Lindsay Lohan Crashed DiCaprio’s Party, Made Everyone “Uncomfortable”

Posted by Katie F. on November 7th, 2011

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Leonardo DiCaprio “Got A Little Fat” For Upcoming Movie Role

Posted by Katie F. on November 2nd, 2011

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Smack Shots: Leonardo DiCaprio is Reportedly Dating This Model & More

Posted by PZ on October 28th, 2011

Photos: INFdaily.com Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be dating Romanian model Madalina Ghenea Usher grabs some coffee in West Hollywood Sandra Bullock at amfAR’s Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles

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