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5 Celebrities Who Have Accepted & Feel Confident About Their Body

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

We are not all an army of catwalk models: we have different bodies and are naturally different shapes – however, with constant pressure to conform to one stick-thin size, it can be hard to accept what you have as normal or beautiful. These 5 celebrities have all come forward to say that they love their […]

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Afternoon Links: Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Welcome Daughter Lincoln

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Kristen and Dax have welcomed a baby girl they’ve named Lincoln Gossip Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Welcome Daughter Lincoln – rightcelebrity Amanda Seyfried mistaken for Lindsay Lohan at airport – celebzter Fräulein Kink made for pleasure – lingerieweapon Prince Harry Bald Spot – celebridoodle Zoe Saldana vs. Kim Kardashian in a Lanvin beige dress […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Worries She’ll Go Through Life “Scared Like a Chihuahua”

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence may be an Oscar winner now and it seems like she has conquered her field pretty successfully, but according to her, there is plenty she is still afraid of. She thinks she will continue to go through life frightened of stuff “like a chihuahua” and thinks she may never get over some of […]

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Story of the Day:Lindsay Lohan Was a Pain on ‘Anger Management’ Set

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Lindsay Lohan actually worked a day! Shocking news, really. The actress filmed a part in ‘Anger Management’ with Charlie Sheen and although she tried her best to be enthusiastic, according to reports her attention quickly went on other things as usual. An insider on the set says that she held up production and made the […]

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6 of Kim Kardashian’s Most Body Revealing Pregnancy Looks

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Kim Kardashian has been met with a lot of criticism when it comes to her pregnancy style. Always highlighting her baby bump with skin-tight looks including leather high-waisted skirts and tight embellished dresses, Kim’s style shows off her growing pregnancy body and reveals every lump and bump in the process, which can be unflattering at […]

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Morning Links: Demi Lovato Confirmed For 3rd Season Of The X Factor USA

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Demi has confirmed that she’ll be returning as a judge on the X Factor! Gossip Demi Lovato Confirmed For 3rd Season Of The X Factor USA – earsucker Anne Sophie Monrad Featured For Elle Russia! – hotcelebscandal Dutch Model Daphne Groeneveld for Flair Italia April 2013! – allthingsgossip John Travolta Has A Mangina on His […]

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3 Stars With Amazing Bodies Reveal Their Workout Secrets

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Most celebrities have the help of top trainers who give them their knowledge and work with that star to create a custom workout regime that helps them tone, lose weight or achieve any other body goal they’ve set for themselves. These stars make sure they stay in amazing physical fitness, not just for their roles […]

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5 Celebrities Who Love High Street Fashion Finds

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

When your a celebrity, it must be easy to get caught up in fashion trends, always having the latest designer pieces and being ahead of everyone else. However, for these celebrities there is something just as special to be found on the racks on the high street in stores such as Topshop, H&M, American Apparel […]

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Afternoon Links: Hayden Panettiere Engaged to Wladimir Klitschko?

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Hayden and her boxer beau Wladimir are reportedly engaged! Gossip Hayden Panettiere Engaged to Wladimir Klitschko? – celebglitz Jennifer Aniston Insists On Being Called Mrs. Theroux? – haveuheard My H&M MAMA Spring Fashion Favorites – thebudgetbabe Lady Gaga Turns 27 Today, Remains A Hot Mess – collegecandy Kristen Wiig Gets “Welcome to Me” from Will […]

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Naomi Watts Laughs at Frozen-Faced Botoxed Actresses With No Expression

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Naomi Watts seems relatively normal and down-to-earth as major actresses go – she denies having any cosmetic surgery to date (something which seems believable) but doesn’t rule it out either. However, she thinks it is important to be able to express herself facially which some botoxed actresses aren’t able to do properly and she thinks […]


Kourtney Kardashian’s Alleged Former Lover Claims He is Mason’s Father

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Will there ever be a day free of a Kardashian-related scandal? Apparently not. The latest one has been stirred up by Kourtney Kardashian’s alleged former lover, a male model. He claims that he was hooking up with Kourtney around the time she conceived her son Mason and that he is in fact the real father […]

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Story of the Day: Kirsten Dunst Thought Kissing Brad Pitt Was “Disgusting”

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Want proof that Kirsten Dunst is crazzzy? She once had the chance to kiss Brad Pitt and she thought the whole experience was “disgusting”. Yep. Not exciting or amazing or beautiful – disgusting.  The actress also reveals that when it happened Brad was watching a lot of ‘Real World’ which is one of the funniest […]

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7 Celebrities With Multi-Coloured Hair!

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

These 7 stars have all added rainbow shades to their hair. Be it in ombre shades of blue, inspired by the sunrise or just a mixture of bright colours, these stars have all decided to do something unique to their tresses. Some have tried to create a cool gradient effect in which the colours blend […]

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Morning Links: Sean Penn’s Son Hopper Penn Hurls Racial Slurs

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

Sean’s son Hopper shockingly called a black cameraman the N word! Gossip Sean Penn’s Son Hopper Penn Hurls Racial Slurs – stupidcelebrities Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Not Married – earsucker Katie Holmes Featured For Allure Magazine! – hotcelebscandal Amanda Bynes Hides From Paparazzi, Wears Shirt Over Her Face – anythinghollywood Alexander Skarsgard Covers […]

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8 Celebrities Who Love To Bake

Posted by Katie F. on March 27th, 2013

Celebrities have very busy lifestyles, so when they get a chance to relax and pursue their hobbies, they take it! For instance, these 8 stars love to bake whenever they can. Whether they’re whipping up treats for their significant other or are offering snacks and recipes to their friends and fans, these celebrities can’t get […]

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5 Actors Open Up on Emotionally & Physically Preparing for Roles

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

Preparing for a role isn’t as simple as just turning up on set: if you want to nail your performance, you have to work hard before the cameras start to roll. These 5 actors have all spoken on their personal emotional and physical preparation that has gone into their roles. From taking method acting to […]

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Afternoon Links: Kim Kardashian Nearly Bursts From Leather Maternity Dress

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

Kim almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a super tight leather look! Gossip Kim Kardashian Nearly Bursts From Skintight Leather Maternity Dress – anythinghollywood Rainbow Colors in Fall Winter 2013 Lookbook by Alannah Hill – millionlooks Is Givenchy’s Dunka Sandal Weird Enough For You? – afewgoodygumdrops Monica at Jazz in the Gardens – celebrityviplounge Jessica […]

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Ashanti Denies Her Relationship With Nelly Ever Happened

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

Ashanti and rapper Nelly broke up late last year and he very swiftly (almost too swiftly) moved on to someone new – actress Tae Howard. Ashanti and Nelly never confirmed their relationship in public but were actually a steady couple and stayed together for almost a full decade, being photographed together regularly.  Tae has already […]


9 Celebrities Accused Of Setting A Bad Example

Posted by Katie F. on March 27th, 2013

Some celebrities work very hard to keep their private lives hidden from the public, while others are less cautious about putting everything out in the open. How hard stars try to maintain their privacy is up to them, but it is important for all celebrities to be aware of what their public behavior portrays, especially […]

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Story of the Day: John Mayer Couldn’t Talk for Four Months Straight

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

John Mayer has revealed that he had to go four months without talking while recovering from a throat problem, which must have been fun for whoever he was dating at the time! The singer had botox injected into his vocal chords, which might sound like the ultimate in vanity, but really it helped fix a […]

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6 Celebrities Stumbling in Heels

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

They may make you look taller, slimmer and more stylish but heels can have a down side! We’ve all experienced that quick fright that comes following a stumble in a pair of towering stilettos, hoping that we won’t land on our head and die, or on our ass and looks plain silly! Many of these […]

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Morning Links: Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Battery

Posted by PZ on March 27th, 2013

Justin is under investigation after allegedly fighting a neighbor Gossip Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Battery – earsucker Poppy Delevingne Featured For Elle Spain! – hotcelebscandal Freida Pinto Dazzles Wearing Burnt Orange Ink Effect Dress At Luncheon! – allthingsgossip Kim Kardashian’s Painting Herself As An Easily-Offended Feminist – bohomoth Kardashian Sisters Sue Over Ford Ad […]

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11 Reasons That 2013 Is The Year Of Beyoncé

Posted by Katie F. on March 27th, 2013

We’re only three months in to 2013, but Beyoncé has already accomplished more than some people home to achieve in their lifetime. Queen Bey has put on some impressive performances, has been photographed for ad campaigns and magazine covers, opened up in a documentary about her life, and will still release a new album and […]

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5 Celebs Who Want to Use Their Fame to Do Something Good

Posted by PZ on March 26th, 2013

Celebrities often complain about how complicated and annoying the media attention surrounding them can make their lives, but not every aspect of fame has to be negative. Along with all of the obvious perks (free stuff, lots of money, anything you want!) there is one other thing that famous people can do better than those […]

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