5 Celebrities Who Have Accepted & Feel Confident About Their Body

We are not all an army of catwalk models: we have different bodies and are naturally different shapes – however, with constant pressure to conform to one stick-thin size, it can be hard to accept what you have as normal or beautiful. These 5 celebrities have all come forward to say that they love their figure with curves, wrinkles, cellulite or anything else – their size might fluctuate or they might be criticized for being fat, but most importantly they are happy. As a result of accepting how they look, they now have confidence in their body which can shine through and is very noticeable. Some struggled to love their bodies while others grew up embracing their unique shapes – they all now say they love how they look and won’t change for anyone!

Elle Macpherson


Elle may be older now but she is more confidence in her body which she thinks helps land work: “We are born with our genes but how we present, that is up to us. That’s why I work better than I did 30 years ago. I still have the same genetics but I have changed as a woman. I am interested in different things and I’m more confident in my body now. I am more confident being me.”

Emma Watson

Emma says that although her weight goes up and down, she’s now happy with how she looks: ”I’ve accepted my body shape more as I’ve got older. I went through a stage of wanting to have that straight-up-and-down model look, but I have curves and hips, and in the end you have to accept yourself as you are. My weight has fluctuated between a size 6 and a 10. When you’re growing, your body is still figuring itself out and it takes a while to Settle down. I keep telling myself that I’m a human being, an imperfect human being who’s not made to look like a doll, and that who I am as a person is more important than whether at that moment I have a nice figure.”

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden says she has accepted how she looks and thinks that confidence shows:”Others can tell when you’re happy with being you and when you’re not. As I’ve gotten older and grown into my body, I’ve started realising that the way you carry yourself and that light coming out of your eyes are the most attractive things about you.”

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has always loved her figure and feel it is only other people who have a problem with it: “I’d always be in tight dresses. In my head I did not think I was ever fat. Other people did, but I didn’t think I was – ever! Because of my family base, I always accepted my natural shape or what I thought it was. I appreciate it now and I want to help other people.”


Pink has never been stick thin and is happy with her own appearance: “I was a gymnast as a kid, always muscular, always thicker than the average girl. That’s why girls can relate to me, because I am not trying to be something else. And if that is empowering to a girl at a difficult time in her life – when body image is all – well, that’s awesome. Marilyn Monroe, all the old pin-ups, they were all thicker, juicier. What’s all this suddenly you have to be a 60 pound junkie to be beautiful? How do you do that without becoming a junkie? Seriously?”