6 Stars Spotted Smoking Behind the Wheel

These 5 stars couldn’t wait to light up – they’ve all been seen smoking while inside their vehicles. They possibly thought that no one could see them or simply didn’t care who spotted them smoking, so they’ve all lit up without paying much attention to the snap-happy photographers. Some are driving at the same time which must be a potential hazard, while others are happier to be chauffeured around as they puff on their cig. From Miley Cyrus to Anna Friel, these celebrities all look slightly guilty to be caught smoking on the go – many of them try to hide their habit so they won’t be called bad role models who those who look up to them, while others just don’t care what others think and are happy to smoke whenever they want to!


Anna Friel

anna friel

Brad Pitt
brad pitt

Kate Moss
kate moss

Miley Cyrus

Mischa Barton

Naomi Campbell