7 Celebrities With Multi-Coloured Hair!

These 7 stars have all added rainbow shades to their hair. Be it in ombre shades of blue, inspired by the sunrise or just a mixture of bright colours, these stars have all decided to do something unique to their tresses. Some have tried to create a cool gradient effect in which the colours blend in together for a dramatic look, while others have added patches of colours all around their head. Demi Lovato dyed her tips blue and plaited up the hair for an extra unique spin on the look. Lady Gaga was once spotted wearing extra long hair with a variety of cool colours added in like a work of art. Take a look at these 7 brave stars who’ve rocked this loud look below!


Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne

Christina Aguilera

Demi Lovato
demi lovato

Lady Gaga

Jaime King
jaime king

Katy Perry
katy perry

Nicki Minaj
nicki minaj