9 Celebrities Accused Of Setting A Bad Example

Some celebrities work very hard to keep their private lives hidden from the public, while others are less cautious about putting everything out in the open. How hard stars try to maintain their privacy is up to them, but it is important for all celebrities to be aware of what their public behavior portrays, especially to their fans. Young fans in particular are very impressionable and tend to imitate their favorite celebrity’s behavior whether or not it’s the right thing to do. See which 9 stars have been accused of setting a bad example!

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Kim Kardashian

Many members of the Kardashian family have been accused of setting a bad example for one reason or another, but Kim Kardashian was most recently criticized for wearing fur. According to PETA, the reality star is setting a bad example for her fans and for her future child by being coerced into wearing fur just to make some extra money.




Girls star Lena Dunham has always been a fan of Rihanna, but admitted that she is now questioning some of the pop star’s recent choices. Dunham says it breaks her heart that Rihanna is so talented and has so many young fans but chooses to date Chris Brown and post pictures on Instagram of herself and her friends doing drugs. The writer and actress believes fame should lead someone to “be very conscious about setting a positive example.”



Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has also been accused of setting a bad example for his young fans as he grows older. Bieber has developed a reputation for behaving badly after spending nights in hotel rooms with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, walking around shirtless and showing off his underwear in very baggy pants, flipping off and yelling at the paparazzi, drinking and going to clubs while underage, smoking weed, and fighting with his neighbors.




Beyoncé has been accused of using skin treatments in order to make herself look like she has lighter skin, which sets a bad example for her young fans by showing them that having lighter skin is better. The singer has also been accused of being “self-righteous” and setting a bad example for women with her latest single, “Bow Down.”



Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has stayed out of trouble in a way some other stars haven’t managed to, but she has still been criticized for some of her choices. Martha Stewart called Aniston’s commercial for SmartWater “insensible” and accused Aniston of showing “some bad examples to the youth of America” in the ad.



Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been accused of setting a bad example for her young fans in many ways. The former Disney star has been criticized for posing nude, getting caught taking hits from a bong, and getting engaged at a young age. Most recently, she was accused of setting a bad example by drastically changing her looks and dressing provocatively.



Madonna was accused of setting a bad example for her daughter Lourdes after the 16-year-old was caught smoking a cigarette last year. Singer Joss Stone also criticized Madonna for using shock tactics, like dressing provocatively and using controversial images at concerts, to draw in audiences rather than relying only on her musical talent.



Melissa McCarthy

While almost everyone came to her defense after she was criticized, movie reviewer Rex Reed called the actress “a female hippo” and “tractor-sized” after watching Identity Thief. McCarthy, like other overweight stars, has been accused of setting a bad example because of her weight, despite her confidence and talent in acting and comedy.



Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has been criticized for being too skinny and sending the message to young women that they need to be extremely thin in order to be beautiful. She was also accused of setting a bad example by losing weight too quickly after giving birth. Klum walked the runway at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just a few weeks after giving birth!