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Demi Lovato Opens Up on Her Estranged Father’s Death

Posted by PZ on July 1st, 2013

Never one to cover up her feelings, Demi Lovato has spoken very candidly on her feelings towards her father’s recent death. Demi, who was estranged from her father, lost him after a battle with cancer.  The singer wrote that although putting him to rest was “the hardest thing” she’d ever done, she now feels at […]

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Morning Links: Demi Lovato’s Estranged Biological Father Dies

Posted by PZ on June 24th, 2013

Demi’s father died after a battle with cancer Gossip Demi Lovato’s Estranged Biological Father Dies – stupidcelebrities Rihanna Bad Girl In Bordello Club! – hotcelebscandal Jada Pinkett Smith Proud Of Daughters Fearlessness! – allthingsgossip Sofia Vergara Posts Thong Bikini Picture – hollywoodbackwash Anna Wintour’s Sly Smile After Naming The Kimye Baby ‘North West’ – bohomoth […]

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Morning Links: Demi Lovato Revealed She Signed a “No Suicide” Contract

Posted by PZ on June 7th, 2013

Demi has revealed that she was only 7 when asked to sign! Gossip Demi Lovato revealed she signed a “no suicide” contract at age 7 – starcasm The Family Wall Is On Sale Today – busybeeblogger Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Pleads Guilty To DUI – realitytea Heather Graham Bikini Pictures – hollywoodbackwash Brad Pitt […]

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5 Celebrities Who Were Called Fat by Bullies

Posted by PZ on May 6th, 2013

These 5 celebrities have all sadly been bullied over their weight, being called “fat” by those who picked on them. Trying their best to ignore the hurtful comments, these stars all say they dealt with the bullying in different ways. One star unfortunately developed an eating disorder because she was so upset by the taunting, […]

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Morning Links: Demi Lovato Confirmed For 3rd Season Of The X Factor USA

Posted by PZ on March 29th, 2013

Demi has confirmed that she’ll be returning as a judge on the X Factor! Gossip Demi Lovato Confirmed For 3rd Season Of The X Factor USA – earsucker Anne Sophie Monrad Featured For Elle Russia! – hotcelebscandal Dutch Model Daphne Groeneveld for Flair Italia April 2013! – allthingsgossip John Travolta Has A Mangina on His […]

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7 Celebrities With Multi-Coloured Hair!

Posted by PZ on March 28th, 2013

These 7 stars have all added rainbow shades to their hair. Be it in ombre shades of blue, inspired by the sunrise or just a mixture of bright colours, these stars have all decided to do something unique to their tresses. Some have tried to create a cool gradient effect in which the colours blend […]

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5 Celebrities Speak on Being Fat Shamed

Posted by PZ on March 14th, 2013

These 5 celebrities have been shamed about their weight by being called “fat” in the past. Either by critics, websites or even fellow harsh celebs, these 5 stars have all struggled with weight related issues and have even been called out for their weight on more than one occasion.  Trying to deal with being fat […]

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Afternoon Links: Demi Lovato Reveals She Has A Half-Sister!

Posted by PZ on March 8th, 2013

Demi Lovato has revealed that she has an older half-sister Gossip Demi Lovato Reveals She Has A Half-Sister! – amoremagazine Kelly Osbourne Had A Seizure – celebridoodle 10 Ways to Win Swagbucks – allwomenstalk Rihanna for River Island is here! – whatshaute Jwoww For No H8 – rightcelebrity Fortnight Asteria 2013 Collection – lingerieweapon Demi […]

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6 Celebrities Who’ve Had Public Fender Bender Car Accidents

Posted by PZ on March 1st, 2013

What must it have been like for these people who happened to get in to a fender bender with a celebrity? Not only is their car just a little bit destroyed but they have to look at the lovely Orlando Bloom or Demi Lovato to try and calmly exchange insurance details following the minor accident […]

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10 Stylish Stars Spotted At London Fashion Week

Posted by Katie F. on February 22nd, 2013

London Fashion Week wrapped up this week, but not before we spotted many of our favorite stars seated alongside the runways to see all the designers’ clothes. Check out the list of stylish celebrities below to see who flocked to London for the fashion events. Salma Hayek Salma Hayek was spotted sitting front row with […]

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5 Celebrities Who Meditate Regularly

Posted by PZ on February 19th, 2013

These 5 celebrities need to take some time out of their lives to meditate, reflect and de-stress. Some find it a good way to cope with being in the spotlight, while others just feel more at ease and in touch with themselves after being in a trance-like state for some time. Some of these stars […]

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Demi Lovato Thinks More Stars Should Talk About Eating Disorders

Posted by PZ on February 7th, 2013

X Factor judge Demi Lovato believes that more celebrities need to talk about eating disorders. She thinks that those suffering from a disorder might then be encouraged to seek help. She comments candidly that she developed her own eating disorder quite young when people weren’t talking openly about it and if more people had raised […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Experienced Romantic Rejection

Posted by PZ on January 14th, 2013

It’s something we’ve all gone through – that feeling on rejection when you just can’t win someone over. It might come before a relationship even starts or even after years when a relationship falls a part, it can leave a person feeling as though they weren’t good enough and that they’ve been romantically rejected because […]

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5 Celebrities Who Say There is Too Much Pressure to be Thin

Posted by PZ on January 10th, 2013

There has always been pressure to stay thin – it might be intensified in the spotlight, but many of us feel the pressure to lose weight all of the time. These 5 celebrities all believe there is a huge amount of pressure, especially on women, to always look extremely svelte and if they put on […]

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7 Best Dressed Stars at the 2012 VH1 Divas Event

Posted by PZ on December 17th, 2012

The VH1 Divas event celebrated an array of talented artists and the red carpet was lit up by their stylish presence. From suited looks to stunning full length gowns, an array of unique choices make it a drool-worthy fashion moment. Brandy was one of the best dressed of the evening, selecting a cream one-shoulder mini-dress […]

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6 Stars Who Have Ear or Behind the Ear Tattoos

Posted by PZ on December 12th, 2012

These 6 stars have all added ink to a discrete part of their body: their ears! While some have had it done behind one ear, others have taken it a step further and inked the inside area of their ear. Easy to hide for anyone who wants it to go unnoticed – they can simply […]

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Afternoon Links: Is Demi Lovato Leaving The X Factor?

Posted by PZ on December 11th, 2012

Demi is reportedly getting the boot at the end of the second season Gossip Is Demi Lovato Leaving The X Factor? – haveuheard 8 Quick and Easy Meals under 500 Calories – allwomenstalk Toni Braxton Gets Hospitalized – gossip-juice Charlie Sheen is still waiting for ‘thank you’ from Lindsay Lohan – sheknows Will & Jaden […]

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5 Celebrities Open Up On Their Rehab Experiences

Posted by PZ on October 19th, 2012

There is nothing unusual about a celebrity checking into rehab – half of Hollywood have been in treatment for one issue of another, and these 5 brave stars have all opened up on their rehab experiences, candidly commenting on how they felt even when so many other celebrities remain tight-lipped regarding what exactly they checked […]

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Demi Lovato Addresses Niall Horan Dating Rumors

Posted by PZ on September 11th, 2012

Demi Lovato is rumored to be dating ‘One Direction’ singer Niall Horan, although she has now come forward to deny that the two are dating, insisting that they’re just friends. The rumors began after Demi and Niall reportedly shared a romantic Mexican dinner together after the recent VMAs, but Demi says the two aren’t a […]

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5 Celebrities & Their Wrist Cutting Scars

Posted by PZ on August 1st, 2012

These 5 celebrities have all been snapped displaying wrist cutting scars. Although some have denied that they cut themselves after the photo surfaced, it’s later emerged that they were having problems with wrist cutting, such as Demi Lovato, who checked into rehab for an eating disorder which was linked to her cutting habit and other […]

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7 Photos of Demi Lovato’s Tattoos

Posted by PZ on July 24th, 2012

Disney star Demi Lovato has been through a lot in the last few years, and some of her personalized tattoos are reminders of her troubles. The singer and actress has several tattoos which remind her of her faith, beauty and strength, perhaps something she looks at when times get tough as a reminder that she […]

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Demi Lovato Explains Why She Cut Herself and How She’s Healing Now

Posted by PZ on July 17th, 2012

Demi Lovato has opened up on one of the most painful time in her life – when she used to cut herself. Demi struggled with several problems, including an eating disorder and she has revealed that she would cut herself when she felt her worst and she didn’t have any fear of what might happen […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Taken a Dating Hiatus

Posted by PZ on July 6th, 2012

Taking a dating break: these 5 stars have all decided to stop dating at least for a little while at one point or another. Some were fresh from a long-term relationship that ended up not working out, others continually had bad dating experiences and some just want some time to focus on their career without […]

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Demi Lovato is Happy She Made Mistakes in the Past

Posted by PZ on June 19th, 2012

Demi Lovato has opened up on her past mistakes, stating that she is glad because she has changed her life due to her past mistakes and the negative experiences just taught her a valuable life lesson. She says she has learned to balance her career with enough time off and doesn’t travel so much anymore: […]

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