5 Celebrities Who Were Called Fat by Bullies

These 5 celebrities have all sadly been bullied over their weight, being called “fat” by those who picked on them. Trying their best to ignore the hurtful comments, these stars all say they dealt with the bullying in different ways. One star unfortunately developed an eating disorder because she was so upset by the taunting, while another turned to drugs to deal with the constant weight bashing. Some just kept ignoring the bullies even though they admit it has stuck with them for a long time. Now showing their bullies just how amazing and successful they are, these 5 stars  have thankfully overcome their demons and don’t listen to those who put them down because of their weight anymore.



Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato blames bullies for her eating disorder: “I literally didn’t know why they were being so mean. I was bullied for being fat.” She says she gave up eating in a bid to lose the pounds: “I thought it was enough, so everyone else thought it was enough. In reality I was only eating a meal a day. When I was about 15, I was only eating two meals a week, but I wasn’t losing any more weight because my body adjusted to that. So I tried new things, laxatives, fasts – nothing was working. At my worst, I was doing it five times a day. I threw up so hard and so much, it was just blood in the toilet.”

Henry Cavill

Henry was given a horrible nickname in his youth and was constantly bullied in school: ”I was overweight when I went to school. In fact, I was overweight when I left, just taller. Fatty Cavill was the nickname. And nobody wants to be Fatty Cavill. Yes, I was bullied. But I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Woe is me’… Kids are kids. Kids are mean. Yeah, it stuck with me for a while, actually. I was always conscious of my weight afterwards. I’ve had girlfriends in the past who have said, ‘No, really, your weight’s fine, you look great.’ But I just didn’t believe them.”

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly felt weight taunts left her with no esteem and she turned to drugs: “I understand that being judged by others comes with the territory, but it broke my heart and ruined my self esteem. It sets you up to hate yourself in a huge way. I was so angry about the things people said about me. I truly believe it’s the main reason I turned to Vicodin and ended up in rehab three times. I just hated myself.”

Leighton Meester

Leighton didn’t tell people in school about her acting job and one girl make jokes about her on-screen appearance when she found out: “I didn’t tell people I was an actress. Then one day, I went into school and someone was holding a magazine and they were, like, ‘Is this you?’ It was just a small photo spread ñ I was 14 ñ and I said, ‘Yeah, it’s me,’ and they were, like, ‘Man, you are such a dork.’ One of them said, ‘You’re bigger on TV.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ And they said, ‘Well, you look kind of fat’. Kids are so mean! What’s wrong with them?”

Nadine Coyle

‘Girls Aloud’ singer Nadine believes she can’t make anyone happy regarding her weight and has often been told she is overweight: “People should stop bullying me about my weight. One minute they say I’m too plump, the next they say I’m too thin. I can never win. Everyone is always speculating about my weight, saying I don’t eat. Why don’t they just leave me alone? I am totally happy with my weight. I’m not unhealthy at all! I’m just doing a lot of running with my trainer back home in L.A.”