Demi Lovato Finds Her Bright Hair Inspiration on Pinterest


Demi Lovato has revealed where she searches for her hair inspiration. The singer is know for dyeing her hair an array of rainbow shades and she commented that she often searches for new ideas on photo pinning website Pinterest. Demi currently has lavender tips mixed with some silver strands on natural dark brunette hair after deciding to ditch her previous bright pink hairstyle. Explaining how she chose her new hairdo, the former ‘Disney’ beauty explained that she wanted to opt for something more subtle this time around:

”I was kind of bored of the colours that I’ve had and I wanted something that wasn’t as like out there as hot pink. So I changed it. I love lavender and I thought silver could be really cool, too. I love going on Pinterest and looking at different hair colours. Whenever I see like a cool colour I sit with it for a little bit, and if it’s really, really good then I’ll get it.”

Demi admits she often changes her mind when it comes to her hair, and she’s currently craving something simple such as a basic solid hair colour, but she knows when she goes through with it, she’ll want to change it again because she can never quite settle on what she wants:

”I really want to do just a solid colour, no ombr√©. But the second I do that I’m probably going to want the ombr√© back with some crazy colour. Or the second I do that I’ll want to go blonde!”