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5 Stars Explain Their Reasons for Adopting Kids

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2021

There are many great reasons to adopt a child and these 5 stars have all opened up on why they opted to go down the adoption route and give a loving family to a child already searching for one. Explaining their personal reasons for adoption, these celebs have commented on why they felt it was […]

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5 Hot Stars Who Couldn’t Get a Date in High School

Posted by PZ on December 13th, 2017

They may be irresistibly gorgeous these days, but these 5 smokin’ hot stars say they couldn’t get a date during their years in high school. Some confess they simply weren’t a part of the popular clique and were even seen as a “geek”, while one celeb even admits she ended up flying solo to her […]

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5 Stars Speak on Their Struggle to Quit Smoking

Posted by PZ on October 25th, 2017

Smoking is a bad habit that can have terrible health consequences, not just for those who smoke, but even those around them. These 5 stars have all been addicted to smoking cigarettes and have struggled with quitting. Some managed to win their battle and say they have completely kicked their addiction, while others keep trying, […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Used the Word ‘Rape’ Insensitively

Posted by PZ on September 2nd, 2017

‘Rape’ is such a strong word that shouldn’t be thrown around without a lot of thought, but these 5 celebrities have controversially used the word to describe their own personal situations or feelings. Perhaps trying to convey how violated they felt by the media or a particular moment, these stars used the strong word, causing […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Adopted Rescue Dogs

Posted by PZ on August 10th, 2017

Deciding to adopt a pet rather than purchase a new one, these celebrities went to shelters or adopted strays and gave a rescue dog a new loving home. Doing a great thing and also finding a new best friend, these stars have spoken on taking in their pet pooches and saving them from a life […]

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5 Celebrities Who Want to Go Into Space

Posted by PZ on September 15th, 2015

Interested in experiencing something out of this world, these 5 celebrities say they’d love to go into space and would be open to the idea if they were given the chance. One celebrity believes the only way forward is to colonise Mars, while other just thinks it would be a life-altering experience in itself and would […]

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5 Ways Stars Are Highlighting Feminist Issues at Cannes Film Festival

Posted by PZ on May 21st, 2015

The 2015 Cannes Film Festival has surprisingly become a platform for feminist issues to be brought into the spotlight, with many Hollywood stars speaking on gender equality and feminism during interviews, hoping to highlight what they feel strongly about and bring about change. Some spoke on the need for women to be taken seriously and […]

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Afternoon Links: Charlize Theron Forced to Undergo Neck Surgery

Posted by PZ on October 7th, 2013

Gossip Charlize Theron forced to undergo neck surgery – sheknows Is FriendlyChemist my friendly neighbor? – raincoaster 5 Glorious Beauty Trends of Fall 2013 – ourvanity Kim Kardashian shares a new photo of North West – celebzter Demi Lovato For Teen Vogue November 2013 ‘My Big Night Out Is Bowling’ – fitfabceleb Stacy Keibler Returning […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Over-Plucked Their Eyebrows!

Posted by PZ on July 18th, 2013

There is nothing more instantly trashy looking than an over-plucked eyebrow (besides a drunken wardrobe malfunction that is) – it screams ‘Real Housewife’ or ‘drag queen in the making’ depending on the style in which the brow in question is over-plucked. Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly and Cara Delevingne are where it’s at – the bushier […]

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6 Celebrities Who’ve Worn Daring Sheer Looks on the Red Carpet

Posted by PZ on March 8th, 2013

It takes a brave lady to step out on to the red carpet in a sheer dress when the cameras can catch you from every angle! Unafraid to show off their amazing bodies, these 6 stars have all wowed in their selected daring sheer ensembles. From barely-there chiffon dresses which has been layered with just […]

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9 Celebrities Who Fight For Animal Rights

Posted by Katie F. on March 7th, 2013

PETA often speaks out against celebrities who wear real fur, but there are also many stars who work with the organization to help fight for animal rights. See which 9 stars refuse to wear fur, eat meat, and find other ways to help animals. To see which designers are using animal print in their Fall […]

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6 Stars Who’ve Taken Along Their Moms as a Date to an Event

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2013

Hot date pull out at the last minute? Time to call mom! These 6 stars may not have had their dream hunk or a hot model to walk them around on the red carpet like a piece of eye candy, but they did get to show off their cool glammed up mom. Tom Cruise once […]

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Charlize Theron Exits Osteria Mozza Restaurant in Hollywood

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2013

Taking a night off from parenting her new son, Charlize Theron stepped out in Hollywood to dine at Osteria Mozza restaurant. Trying to avoid the cameras, Charlize initially shielded herself with her large black tote bag, but gave up and smiled for the following paparazzi as she made her exit from the eatery. The actress […]

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5 Celebrities Speak on the Challenges of Diaper Duty!

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2013

Changing diapers has to be categorized as one of the downsides when welcoming a newborn but it’s something every new parent has to face. These 5 celebrities have all opened up on how they’re coping with all of the mess! Some say they love it and don’t see it as a hard task at all, […]

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5 Celebs Comment on Being a Single Parent

Posted by PZ on February 13th, 2013

These 5 stars have all taken on the role of solo parent. Some decided to be a single parent by adopting or having a child on their own, while others became a single parent when their relationship ended or they got divorced. Learning to balance their home life with their busy careers and everything else […]

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5 Celebrities Who Get Red Carpet Nerves

Posted by PZ on February 12th, 2013

These 5 celebrities all still get red carpet nerves, even though they’ve all gone through it plenty of times before. They aren’t keen on all of that attention being thrown on them, plus there is all of that pressure to look good and be dressed well too. You have to behave well, look effortless and […]

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Afternoon Links: Charlize Theron Shows Off Brunette Buzz Cut

Posted by PZ on November 23rd, 2012

Charlize has shaved her entire head and gone brunette Gossip Charlize Theron Shows Off Brunette Buzz Cut – celebridoodle Baby Rocky Makes Debut – celebrityviplounge Debut Lingerie Collection by Rouge Seduire – lingerieweapon Sean Lowe Is The New Bachelor: Caption This Photo – rightcelebrity Great gift idea: Get a Pink Moment subscription for monthly, eco-friendly […]

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5 Celebs Who’ve Battled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Posted by PZ on October 24th, 2012

These 5 celebrities have varying levels of OCD, and although some are self-diagnosed, others have even been told by medical professionals that they’ve got it. From arranging everything perfectly in their hotel rooms, checking all the drawers, placing magazines in perfect symmetry and making sure everything is pristine and perfect, these 5 stars often find […]

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7 Celebs Who Have Tattoos on Their Feet

Posted by PZ on October 2nd, 2012

These 7 celebrities all have a tattoo on a part of their feet. Some have very small, barely noticeable inkings, such as Kate Hudson who has a small star just above her toes on one foot, while others have major tattoos on their feet, like Brandy who had one foot almost covered with a large […]

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Afternoon Links: Charlize Theron Joins Twihards in KStew Hate

Posted by PZ on July 30th, 2012

Charlize is reportedly upset at Kristen Stewart over the recent cheating scandals Gossip Charlize Theron joins Twihards in KStew hate – sheknows Patsy and Eddie get into the Olympic Spirit – lolebrity GPOY: stomach flu edition – raincoaster Summer Beauty On Budget – ourvanity Kanye West To Propose To Kim Kardashian When Her Divorce Is […]

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6 Extremely Unflattering Female Stars Close Up [PART 5]

Posted by PZ on July 13th, 2012

How is it possible that Charlize Theron has ever looked less than perfect? Apparently it is! Carrying on from Part 4 of our wonderingly shocking series, here is another peek into the world of celebrity imperfections that are usually covered up! Some of these stars are suffering from a small acne problem, while others have […]

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Photo of the Day: Charlize Theron Shows off Her Shaved Head in Namibia

Posted by PZ on June 29th, 2012

Charlize Theron may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but a blurry photograph and a shaved head can make her look like Sinead O’Connor’s slightly hotter cousin. The South African native was visiting neighboring country Namibia with her newly adopted son Jackson when the strange photo was taken of the actress. […]

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Charlize Theron is Sexy for ‘Prometheus’ Premiere in London

Posted by PZ on June 1st, 2012

Attending the London premiere of ‘Prometheus’ new mom Charlize Theron continued to work through her crazy timetable – she is also in the middle of promoting ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ at the moment. For the British premiere, Charlize wore a textured navy dress which was strapless and short with a sexy leg-revealing leg slit. […]

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Charlize Theron Almost Quit Film When She Learned of Son’s Arrival

Posted by PZ on May 29th, 2012

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ actress Charlize Theron has revealed that once she found out she was about to become a mother she almost quit the film. Charlize recently adopted a son named Jackson and says that motherhood is something which really suits her. She believes she has become more creative thanks to her new […]

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