5 Celebrities Who Want to Go Into Space

Interested in experiencing something out of this world, these 5 celebrities say they’d love to go into space and would be open to the idea if they were given the chance. One celebrity believes the only way forward is to colonise Mars, while other just thinks it would be a life-altering experience in itself and would love to go through it. Here are their thoughts on space travel and why they’d be up for it should the opportunity arise.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron says she would jump at the chance to go into space: ”I would love to go to space – it really is the next frontier. Humans have to move off this planet at some point. We’re explorers – that’s what we do.”

Charlize Theron

Charlize is open to the idea: “I’m totally open to going up in space. Isn’t Richard Branson doing it? But I hear it’s expensive! You can go up for $200,000. I’m open to all of that stuff. I’m sure it would be scary, but hopefully I’d just be going to see what it looks like, so I’d be coming back. I wouldn’t miss anything here because I try to live in the present.”

Matt Damon

Matt says he’s interested in going into space and thinks it’s the way forward: ”I think so down the line. I’m not one of these guys who wants to go colonise Mars in the first wave of people. I think we have to get off the planet so we can protect the species from one extinction level event.”

Michael Fassbender

Michael would go but isn’t sure if it would suit him in reality: ”If space is not the world of Ridley Scott, I’d go. When I watched ‘Prometheus’ at a screening, I got so scared, I elbowed the metal chair next to me. I still have a little scar from it. That says a lot about how pathetic I am. I don’t think I’m made of the right stuff for space.”

Richard Hammond

Richard thinks it would change his view on so many things: “Space certainly beckons, doesn’t it? I think it would be astonishing and possibly offer a life-changing perspective on things. I’m fascinated by science. It’s about why things do what they do – why stuff works, why it doesn’t – and I think it’s something that we tend to exclude ourselves from.”