5 Stars Explain Their Reasons for Adopting Kids

There are many great reasons to adopt a child and these 5 stars have all opened up on why they opted to go down the adoption route and give a loving family to a child already searching for one. Explaining their personal reasons for adoption, these celebs have commented on why they felt it was right for them and how it changed their lives.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina reveals she was attracted to motherhood when she first visited Cambodia and realised she wanted to adopt a child from there: “I was never one of those people. I never played with dolls, I never babysat. I had no natural instinct or curiosity [about motherhood]. If anything, I wanted to become a parent because I felt a real connection to Mad’s country, and I felt very much for orphan children who didn’t have a home.”

Charlize Theron

Charlize always knew adopting was something she wanted to do: “Adopting was not a last resort for me — it was almost like a first resort. And it’s the only thing in my life that’s surpassed how great I thought it would be.”

Connie Britton

Connie had her heart set on adopting and says it has changed her life: “It’s just been a wonderful, life-changing experience. It was something I knew I always wanted to do, was to adopt from there. And then I lost both of my parents actually within three years of each other and I kind of thought, what am I waiting for? The man will come and if I want to have my own kids I can do that, but I know this is something I want to do.”

Hugh Jackman

Hugh understood that adoption was the only way he could be a father: “When we found out about adoption, the biggest need was in the mixed race. That’s where the need was. We had always planned and hoped to have biological children as well as adopted children both. Turned out we didn’t have biological children… with the adopted we always felt that where the need is, is where we’ll go.”


Madonna believed it was her duty to adopt children who needed a family: “I decided that I had an embarrassment of riches and that there were too many children in the world without parents or families to love them. I applied to an international adoption agency and went through all the bureaucracy, testing, and waiting that everyone else goes through when they adopt… I have been blessed with four amazing children. I try to teach them to think outside the box. To be daring. To choose to do things because they are the right thing to do, not because everybody else is doing them.”