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Zoe Saldana’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup& Beauty Secrets

Posted by tuan on December 10th, 2017

Zoe Saldana is always an effortless, classic beauty – be it on the red carpet, or just relaxing off-duty – she never fails to impress and always looks timeless. The actress has commented on how she stays looking so beautiful, sharing some of her top secrets for makeup, hair and general beauty. From ways to […]

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Millie Mackintosh Used Makeup as Escapism During Teenage Years

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2017

Star Millie Mackintosh has opened up on her love for makeup, revealing that she would spend hours apply products to her face as a teenager because it felt like a form of escapism during that difficult period. She admits that she had low confidence and bad skin, so she would spend a long time trying […]

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5 Celebs Who Aren’t Bothered by Paparazzi Photographing Them

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2017

Dealing with the ever-present paparazzi must be one of the biggest downsides to fame, but these 5 celebrities don’t let it bother them. Accepting that the paparazzi are necessary in order to maintain their celeb status, or just aware that they are lucky to be in their position and shouldn’t complain, these stars say that […]

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets

Posted by tuan on December 9th, 2017

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley never fails to impress – her style is always effortless both on the red carpet and when she’s just stepping out casually, and her perfect beauty looks are an important part of her polished finish. Revealing some of her beauty secrets, the model has opened up on how she likes to […]


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Finds Makeup & Hair Tips on YouTube

Posted by PZ on December 8th, 2017

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed that she often turns to YouTube to find new makeup and hair tips, and even learnt to contour her face through videos she has watched. The top model thinks contouring is difficult to master because it’s hard to know where to apply each product, but watching a video has […]

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5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Party People

Posted by PZ on December 8th, 2017

Some stars can’t get enough of parties – perhaps hitting up the Chateau Marmont regularly or falling out of a New York City hotspot on a frequent basis. Some celebrities really seem to enjoy those red carpet bashes and attend anything they’re invited to. However, these 5 celebrities are quite the opposite and say they […]


5 Celebrities Share Their Favourite Self-Tan Products

Posted by tuan on December 8th, 2017

Preferring not to waste countless hours in the sun and also risk skin damage, these 5 celebrities use self-tan products to add a natural looking glow to their skin with minimal effort. Revealing their favourite tan products, these celebrities have commented on what works best for them so they look radiant with minimal effort. From […]


Sienna Miller’s Top 5 Makeup, Beauty& Hair Tips

Posted by tuan on December 1st, 2017

British actress Sienna Miller is not only a style icon, but she is known for her amazing beauty choices too and she never fails to make a big impression. From her always perfect blonde waves to her flawless complexion, Sienna always looks effortless, feminine and with a slight boho twist. Here is a look at […]

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