5 Celebs Who’ve Denied Rumours That They’re a Diva

The media are quick to brand any strong or independent women in the spotlight as a “diva”, making up stories that she is difficult or demanding. These 5 celebs have denied that they’re anything like the diva name they’ve been given and say they don’t act in the way that has been reported. Some were upset by the fake stories, while others have just simply denied that they’re a diva and explain that they don’t like to have that kind of lifestyle.

Alexandra Burke


Alexandra read stories about herself online that weren’t true at all: “A few online stories said I was this massive diva, which I’m not. That’s the only thing I’ve ever read that’s upset me. I don’t know where that came from but people make up horrible stuff – it comes with the job.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana was greatly upset by rumours about her behaviour which she says were fabricated: “I stick to the truth. I know my truth. I pay attention to the positive. For a while I was very upset by it, the negativity, but then I realised it’s not my business what others think of me. It’s my business to stay grounded and focused and not get derailed by any negativity. I’ve completely detached myself from it. I know what’s real. Those that don’t understand me, don’t need to.”