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Kristin Cavallari’s 5 Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips

‘The Hills’ star Kristin Cavallari is now a mother of two, and she has plenty of great beauty tips that keep her looking fabulous, even while on the go. Kristin keeps her beauty routine quite simple and prefers natural makeup, even going makeup-free to give her skin a break when possible. Here are some of her top tips that keep her hair looking amazing, skin fresh and makeup looking flawless! 

  1. She Gives Her Skin a Break

She gives her skin a break by going makeup-free: “I only wear makeup when we’re going on date night. Which is fine, because it gives my skin a break. And it’s less exhausting for me.” 

  1. Her Makeup is Natural

Kristin likes neutral eyeshadows and a light foundation: “I love neutral colors for eye shadows. My favorite is Nars, which also does bronzer and lipsticks that I love. My favorite [shade] is Belle de Jour. I use Armani foundation, which is very light but gives great coverage. Hair products I use are Kerastase.”

  1. She Swears by Dry Shampoo

She uses dry hair to keep her hair fresh: “Frequent washing can dry out hair, so dry shampoo is the perfect solution for in-between washes. If you think your oily hair needs to be washed everyday, dry shampoo can actually train your hair to be less dependent on shampoo.” 

  1. She Keeps Beauty Simple

She keeps beauty products as simple as possible: “My beauty regimen is very simple: wash my face morning and night followed by a cucumber toner and vitamin C serum. Makeup I love Armani foundation and mascara and Chanel eye brow pencil.”

  1. She Loves Papaya Face Masks 

Kristin makes her own papaya face masks: “Put half in a blender, then apply the mixture on your face for five minutes. It’s really hydrating!”