Kate Upton Shares Her Daily Makeup & Skincare Regime


American model Kate Upton has opened up on her usual go-to makeup look, explaining that she prefers to look quite natural for daytime, especially because she’s often outside and it’s easier to maintain while she’s out and about. The beauty loves to use a Bobbi Brown rouge on both her cheeks and lips, using it as a dual purpose product, because it adds just a subtle hint of colour to her face but while still looking natural. She said about her usual makeup look:

“I spend a lot of time outside so I prefer a natural look. I use Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge blush – I’m all about short cuts, and my new thing is to use a cream blush on my cheeks and then dab a little on my lips. It adds colour to your face without competing.”

Kate thinks it’s important to look after her skin and she always wore SPF while growing up, which is something her mother taught her the importance of as a child. She also makes sure to never skip on washing and toning her face before bed at night, and says it’s an important part of her skincare regime:

“I’m also really into skincare. When I was growing up, in Florida, my mum made a point of putting sunscreen on us kids, so I picked up that routine early on. She also taught me to wash and tone my face every night. No matter what time I get home, I go straight to the sink – it’s ingrained in me.”