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Lauren Conrad’s 5 Best Makeup, Hair& Beauty Tips

Reality star Lauren Conrad has become a beauty guru in recent years and regularly shares her ideas through her official website. Always subtly experimenting with new hair and makeup ideas, Lauren is effortlessly feminine and stylish, while working in some key beauty trends. Sharing a few of her personal tips on how to achieve that Californian inspired beauty look, here is a run through some of her best makeup, hair and beauty tips she’s ever given.


  1. Use Concealer for a Solid Base

Lauren applies concealer with her fingers: “I use my fingers to apply my under-eye concealer to my lids to even them out. I don’t like wearing eye shadow, but having a solid, matte color on my lids makes my eyes stand out and my liner look more dramatic.”


  1. Peels and Scrubs

She likes peels and scrubs to freshen up her skin: “I find that the more products I use, the more issues I have, so I rotate every night between a mild wash and a light scrub and I use Egyptian Magic on my skin morning and night. Once a week, I do a light peel, like HydroPeptide.”


  1. Braids for Summer

Lauren loves braided hair for summertime: “My go-to summer ‘do—if [my hair] is a little longer—is usually a braid. This summer, it’s been down and sort of waved. I’ll braid it right after I get out of the shower, when my hair is damp. Or, I’ll use a flat iron to create waves, since they’re smoother and sleeker.”


  1. Deep Condition Hair

She leaves conditioner in for longer to deeply condition: “My hair is everything-treated, so I use a deep conditioner from Unite once a week to repair the damage. I leave it on for ten minutes while I’m in the shower.”


  1. Bronzed Cheeks

Lauren adds colour to her skin with bronzer: “I always wear bronzer because I love the way my skin looks when it’s tan. I use a fluffy brush to apply it just under my cheekbones — it looks more natural on me than blush.”