Usher & Justin Bieber’s Grandmother Defend Justin Bieber’s Antics


Justin Bieber is surrounded by enablers and they’ve all come out in force to defend the singer just as his new film ‘Believe’ is released – go team Justin! Firstly, Justin’s grandmother decided to speak to the press on her grandson’s recent headline-making antics (prostitutes, drugs, etc), commenting that it’s all the media’s fault that Justin has an insatiable appetite for Brazilian hookers. She said:

“I think the media has been terrible on him (sic). There are so many lies going around. A little bit is true but most of it is lies. It’s terrible.”

Next up was Justin’s supposed mentor Usher, who said that Justin lives his life in the spotlight and is put through a lot of criticism just for being himself which isn’t particularly fair, because even when he’s going through a rough time the world is watching:

 “I mean more money more problems. The beautiful part about it is that those that are invested in a long term story you understand that there are peaks and valleys in every person’s life… Unfortunately the reality is he has to live with a camera in front of him, but what he chooses to do on or off camera is analysed or scrutinised in some off way.”

Justin’s mom Pattie also popped up to say that the whole world is treating Bieber unfairly:

“I don’t know it’s tough because the whole world is a critic, I think sometimes people dehumanize celebrities and I think what’s so great about this movie is that you get to see his humanity.”