Hailey Bieber is dangerously close to a wardrobe mishap wearing a corset that clips to a hanging skirt that looks like it might come off at any second

The wife of Justin Bieber sported a garment with a corset and garter belt–style fasteners holding a satin skirt around the waist.

Hailey Bieber appears to be on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction with her corset clipped to her dangling skirt

While in London this week, Hailey Bieber experimented with an out-of-the-ordinary attire.

One of the outfit’s selling points was perhaps how precarious the skirt looked.

The cover girl was spotted leaving a party on Tuesday night, her hair slicked back to show off her perfectly manicured long nails and her flawless, sparkling pink makeup.

On Wednesday morning, the Vogue model posted photos of the bold item to her Instagram account. Her post reads, “London day 1,” and she is a good friend of Kendall Jenner.

Pal Lori Harvey sent three flame emojis, and Elsa Hosk added a crimson heart-eyed emoji.

Hailey and her husband Justin have been dining out in London all week.

She celebrated the debut of her wildly popular Rhode cosmetics line on Tuesday night.

She gave an interview to the Sunday Times this week as well.

The celebrity was very open about her plans to start a family with Justin.

The 26-year-old supermodel admitted that she wants children’so hard,’ but that she gets’scared’ about doing so in the public eye.

“I literally cry about this all the time!” Hailey said. “I want kids so bad but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends.”

“I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child. We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.”

Last month, Hailey alluded to the social media uproar around her and Selena Gomez by saying that she was “having a hard time” and that she was emotionally ‘fragile.’

“I just felt like I was going through a lot of uncomfortable growth,” she told the Sunday Times. “Whenever you’re transitioning from one time of your life to another, it’s really uncomfortable and it can be really sad…”

“[I was] just trying to connect with other people who might feel that way…[People say], ‘Oh, you think we feel bad for you?’ And I get it. It’s just sad sometimes that that would be how people feel about you wanting to express your emotions.”

The founder of Rhode Skin then mentioned her mini stroke from earlier this year and how she refused to be “silenced.”

“The day after I was hospitalized, it was on the internet. I wanted to talk about what happened in my own words because so many people were making assumptions. ”

“If you let things like that silence you, you’re allowing people to dictate how you live your life. Sometimes I do just want to curl up and be a hermit, like, “If this is how people feel maybe I should just stay home.” But I’m really not that kind of person.”

Bieber also shared a lighthearted detail about her life with her pop star husband, saying, “The Biebers love to host. We had a Super Bowl party this year. I really love to cook.”

“I like to do some sort of pasta and a protein — whether it’s salmon or chicken. There’s something really joyful about people consuming your food. I like to take care of people.”