Kanye West Gave Weird ‘Screeching’ Performance at MET Gala


Kanye West took to the stage as was expected at the 2013 MET Gala, but according to reports he refused to rap any of his usual hits, instead surprising both the event’s organizers and those in attendance by performing a mixture of new songs from his upcoming album which haven’t been heard yet and which sounded like ‘screeching’ according to a source from inside the event:

”He played all new tracks that no one knew from his new album, and none of the crowd favourites. His songs were basically screeching into the microphone.”

Kanye deviated from the gala’s strict plan and apparently angered those who was organizing the event, just doing whatever he wanted on stage:

 ”Every minute of that gala is programmed, and Kanye went off-programme and played whatever he wanted.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art refuted the claims, saying they were happy with Kanye’s appearance:

”We were thrilled to have Kanye perform.”

At the beginning of the performance, Kanye even romantically dedicated his music to Kim Kardashian, commenting that it was  ”an ode to Kim … about how awesome she is.”