Story of the Day: Justin Bieber Thinks Girls Are a Headache


Justin Bieber has admitted that he often finds girls a headache. The singer, who is again rumored to have split from long-time love Selena Gomez, says that guys have to “wait more” for the girl which isn’t something he enjoys but these days he’s getting used to it. He also thinks that sometimes it’s better to leave the girl alone so that she’ll realize her feelings:

”In every relationship the boy definitely has to wait more for the girl than the girl has to wait for the boy. I’m used to it. Getting annoyed won’t get you anywhere anyway. You have to know when it is better to leave a girl alone, to wait for her to realise she is yours. And yes, sometimes they can give you a headache.”

Justin might think that girls can have their bad points, but he does believe he is a good boyfriend. He says he tries to understand and loves to be romantic and spontaneous – be it a gift or a trip away together, he’s always dreaming up things to do that will surprise and keep things fresh:

”I have my qualities. I can be attentive and I have a lot of patience. And I like to surprise my girlfriend with nice things, romantic trips, such as a picnic or something. For girls, it’s more important to be loved than to constantly get great gifts. Girls are cuddly and affectionate, but so are boys.”