Story of the Day: Did Justin Bieber Have a Mental Breakdown?


Above: photographic evidence

Justin Bieber appears to be in the throes of a nervous breakdown. This all comes following his break-up from Selena Gomez, plus lots of rumors about him taking drugs, dating new random girls, etc. In short, it all might have turned him a tiny bit insane, just speculating. Lately, he’s in London and every time he steps out, he’s been making like Jacko and hiding away behind a gas mask, not that that deters the paparazzi much, they’re only too happy to document his further mental demise. To add fuel to the fire, Justin went on a rather weird/diva-ish rant, commenting:

“rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down. im focused on the good things in life. im blessed and not forgetting it. im giving back every day for it. cant phase me. fake stories to sell papers i guess are part of the job. but im a good person. i know that. u cant tell me different. we know the truth as long as my family, friends, and fans r with me u can say whatever. we are all equal in God’s eyes & we have a responsibility to each other.”

And he continued the rant by addressing some particularly annoying stories that he wanted to clear up:

“So make up stories about fake fines and make no mention of the positive….or say when i came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours i might be sweaty i was going into a club (really?) or any girl i stand next to is my girl or that i dont care, or that i dont feel, or that a 19 year old going to a club in europe is wild… (sic)”

Has all of the media exposure finally got to him? It seems like he’s one umbrella away from smashing up an SUV Britney style.