Story of the Day: George Clooney’s Sister Doesn’t Think He Will Get Married

We may constantly forget it, but George Clooney was married once, a long time ago (it ends in 1993). These days, he seems to have settled with Stacy Keibler at least for now, but according to George’s older sister Adelia Zeidler, we aren’t likely to hear wedding bells, even if they do seem to be getting on well with each other. She says that George decided a while back to have a career rather than a family. He picks goals and sets out to achieve them, and without children or a wife to look after, it has been working well for him:

”George will probably not get married. He decided that he could have the career or he could have a family. He set goals for himself and worked hard to achieve those goals. He’s very happy with his life.”

Adelia says Stacy is ”very nice” but that George doesn’t like to talk a whole lot about her (probably because she’s the kind of sister who talks to the press about these things? Hmm, George knows what’s best):

”He’ll tell me little things that are going on but mostly we just gab about inconsequential matters.”