5 Celebrities Who Pull Pranks on Set

Allowing themselves to have fun while they work, these 5 celebrities all enjoy pulling pranks on their co-stars. Perhaps bored on set or with a great trick idea they’ve been wanting to unleash on their unknowing fellow actors, these stars have all thought of ways to lighten the mood and bring some fun to their work so they’ve put together memorable pranks!

Dustin Hoffman


Dustin likes to have fun on set by using props to make pranks: “I’m goofy all the time. On set, I like a closeness between cast and crew. I don’t like hanging out in the camper. I prefer to wander around, looking for things I can use in scenes, and getting involved in pranks and basically anything I can get away with. Which is how I came to use a remote-controlled fart-bag whenever De Niro sat down. Once a crew knows you are crew-ish, they will give you plenty of ammunition.”