Story of the Day: Brad Pitt Laughs Off His Chanel No.5 Mockery

Even Brad Pitt has accepted that his recent Chanel No.5 ad looked completely and utterly dumb (kinda). The actor, who was the first male to be the face of the legendary fragrance, says that he hasn’t seen the mockery and parody that occurred as a result (most notably on Saturday Night Live) but that it’s fair game. He admits that he however is happy to ignore it and was luckily elsewhere when the ad was newsworthy:

”I’ve been overseas, so I’ve been blissfully protected. I haven’t [seen the parodies], but I say absolutely fair play, fair play.”

When asked if he liked how it turned out, Brad admits that he only “kind of” liked the final product but he admires what the label does as a whole:

”I kind of liked it … I respect what they do. They do some really quality things.”

Brad also revealed that he enjoyed taking back up smoking after several years for his role in ‘Killing Them Softly’ but has quit so that it won’t damage his young kids and wife:

”[I’ve quit] several times, I’m really good at it. It’s great, it’s great. But you have to know that you’re going to have to quit on the other end and that that ugly day is coming, so you over enjoy it I guess. I’m very conscious of health now and I want to be around for my kids, I don’t have that drive anymore. I don’t crave it all.”