Bruce Willis thinks Jennifer Aniston is a “hottie,” but he didn’t want to kiss her because of Brad Pit

Bruce Willis has said in interviews that Jennifer Aniston is “hottie”, but that he didn’t want to kiss her in the Friends scene because of his friendship with Brad Pitt.

Bruce Willis wanted to kiss Jennifer Aniston but he didn’t do it out of respect for his pal Brad Pitt

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In an episode of Friends, the actor played Paul, Rachel’s love interest, who was played by Jennifer Aniston.

Despite the fact that they were dating, the two characters never shared a passionate kiss during his brief appearance on the show.

But the real reason was because Brice found it strange to kiss Brad Pitt’s wife, who was a friend of his.

Bruce once said: “I would have loved to kiss her, but Brad was my friend and Jennifer was his wife.”

“It didn’t seem appropriate to me, but she’s a hottie.”

During the time the show was being made, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married, and Bruce Willis was a close friend of Pitt’s.


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This comes after a different Friends actor, Matthew Perry, bought Xanax pills to “keep up” with Bruce Willis’ “partying.”

The Hollywood star, who has been candid about his history of substance abuse and heavy drinking, said that he needed 100 Xanax pills to keep up with Bruce on the set of The Whole Nine Yards.

Matthew “desperately” wanted to be friends with Bruce, and he admitted he would buy Bruce prescription pills to help him relax after late nights out so that Bruce could show up for work the next day.

According to the actor’s explosive new memoir: Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing – released on Tuesday (November 1).

He noted: “So, I’d gotten The Whole Nine Yards and had embarked on a friendship with the most famous movie star on the planet, but even I knew I was drinking way too much to pull this movie off.

“Desperate measures would be needed. Some might be able to party perfectly well and still show up and do the work, but they weren’t addicts like I was.”

Matt’s plan was to get the huge stash of Xanax from a “friend.” He said he counted the pills on his hotel bed and went over his plan.

He recalled: “This way, I can drink with Bruce and the others, but then when I’m finally alone, I can just pop one of these and go to sleep.

“I may have been a man with a plan, but I was also ignoring the fact that this was a completely lethal combination.”

Matt made it clear that Bruce was not to blame for his risky behavior.