Scooter Braun Says Justin Bieber Isn’t “Done Yet”


Justin Bieber recently shocked fans by commenting that he would be retiring soon after he was finished with his new album. The singer, who also has a new film ‘Believe’ hitting cinemas at the end of the month, commented on his future, claiming that he is ending his career in a new interview. He said:

“Um, I’m actually retiring man.  I want to grow as an artist and I’m taking a step out, I want my music to mature.”

Now, Justin’s manager Scooter has commented that retirement really isn’t on the cards and says Justin isn’t “done yet” with music. Scooter adds that he will continue to support Justin through his errors as he matures:

”It’s a work in progress; I’m not done yet. He’s not done yet and I expect him to make great decisions and then make mistakes; that’s being human. And I think our job is to continue to care and be there for him and let him be there for all these kids.”

Opening up on Justin’s second documentary film, Scooter says that the singer shows his vulnerable side and he thinks people will be shocked by it:

 ”He’s more vulnerable in this movie than any interview he’s ever done, to the point where he breaks down at one point. And I think the humanity of it is what’s going to be so shocking.”

Scooter also denies that Justin ever said he was retiring, suggesting that someone edited the surfaced interview clip to make it sound differently – he says Justin was only joking:

“He said in the interview that he was kidding two seconds later. Next year he is just taking a break to just make music and relax and take time to himself. It’s the first time [he’s had a break] since he was 12.”