Kelly Osbourne Loves to Make Unusual Fashion “Pretty”


Kelly Osbourne has turned designer for her first collection which will launch with HSN. Speaking on her own fashion sense, Kelly reveals that she loves to turn unusual items in to something prettier, and enjoys playing with items that are “socially unacceptable” especially because it surprised people. Kelly commented that a stripe dress she wore to a fashion show in 2012 was one such piece because she felt proud of her weight loss at the time and was excited to see people’s reactions:

“My favourite thing to do is take things that are socially unacceptable when it comes to fashion, that people don’t tend to like, and make them pretty. This dress did that for me. People still call this one of my best fashion moments and inside of it I was like, ‘I’m dying, it’s so hot, but I feel so good right now.’ It was really worth it.”

Kelly added that her ‘Fashion Police’ co-star Joan Rivers was a big inspiration for her collection because she wanted her designs to suit every woman, of all ages and sizes and the 81-year-old star was a big influence. She explained that she believes her designs can be adapted in to anyone’s wardrobe depending on how they’re styled:

“You know, she was a huge inspiration for me. I not only wanted to make it for all shapes and sizes, but for all ages as well. And if you look at these pieces individually, it’s all about how you style them and put them together. It’s ageless.”