“It was just such a lovely occasion”| Kelly Osbourne stuns in pink and purple as she promotes her guest hosting gig on Beat Shazam; Jamie Foxx is ill and Kelly is filling in

For her debut on the Fox Network program, the new mother Kelly Osbourne

wore a purple suit and a bright pink top.

Kelly Osbourne, filling in for a sick Jamie Foxx, dazzles in pink and purple as she promotes her guest hosting gig on Beat Shazam

Kelly Osbourne tweeted Tuesday that she was feeling great about her upcoming guest hosting gig on Beat Shazam.

Her makeup was subtle, with a neutral lip color.

Her shoulder-length hair was a pastel purple with silver highlights and was styled in loose layers.

The star of Sharknado 2 wore a pair of neon heels with a feathered accent.

The ex-reality star reminded fans that “DON’T FORGET to tune in TONIGHT @beatshazamfox at 8pm on @foxtv.  Don’t miss it!!!!!”

Kelly and Nick Cannon, 42, host The Masked Singer in place of Jamie Foxx, who has been battling with health issues.

“I love working with Nick. He is such a professional,” The former Fashion Police star said of him on Live Now on Fox, “He is such a professional.

“There is no drama. He comes in; he’s like a one-take wonder. He just does it.”

She promoted the event with an Instagram story, writing, “Tonight is all about showing appreciation for our teachers.”

“Don’t miss teacher’s night on #beatshazam.”

Teams of two compete in Beat Shazam, an interactive game show in which contestants attempt to name the most popular songs of all time.

Kelly discussed the perks of working on her debut program for Fox 5 in Washington, DC.

“The contestants… I had such an emotional connection to, because watching how their knowledge of music, just from knowing music, could potentially change their lives.”

“Winning up to up to a million dollars, it was just such a beautiful experience” the winner said.

“When there was a song that they had a memory attached to, and then they talk about their memory of it, and you go on this journey with them from the start of the show to the end of it, you just root for them so much and you want them to win,” she said.

For the first time, they are giving away enormous sums of money when they truly want you to win, as one of the actors from The 7D put it: “the first show.”