George Clooney Wants to Work With Kate Winslet

George Clooney has revealed that he’d love to work with Kate Winslet on a film some day. George commented that it’s a partnership he’d love to see happen, while he’s pretty much interested in working with any good leading lady:

“I’ve never worked with Kate Winslet and I’d love to work with her. There are a million more out there. Pretty much any actress – I love working with actresses in general.”

Speaking at the BAFTAS which took place during the weekend, George commented that the event continues to get better and better each year and although it isn’t as excited as being nominated for an Oscar, he feels a BAFTA nod is also pretty cool:

“BAFTA is getting better and better and is very good at picking it’s nominees. It’s also very fun to watch as it gets bigger every year. It’s getting very good at predicting what the Oscars will be. We have been doing The Oscars for a long time and it’s still the big one to win and in general I think everyone agrees. But, look, being nominated for a BAFTA is a really cool thing and that’s why people are showing up here. I think that’s partly down to BAFTAs making it much more of an event.”

George also comments on his latest work in the film ‘The Descendants’ which he says he found quite challenging but mostly he had fun during the filming, while he was surprised by how well the film was received upon release:

“The Descendants’ was a challenge to make but making films in general is always a little bit of a challenge but it’s still making movies and that’s fun. Mostly it was fun. I didn’t think it would be so well received but you never do that. Sometimes you do films and you are surprised when people like them and that’s nice.”