Freaky Flashback: This Geek is George Clooney

There are bad pictures, and then there are the photos you’ll just never live down for the rest of your life. For George Clooney, the above early image falls into the latter category. It’s not just the thick-rimmed clear granny glasses which make him look totally geeky, it’s also the strange (and kinda red lookin’) asymmetrical bowl-style haircut, not to mention that his overall complexion could be described as a very sexy ‘milk bottle white’ and lets not overlook the strange white turtleneck either.

Now we must remind ourselves of the current George. Tanned, sophisticated, maturely aged. George looks how most men would hope to look when they’re 40, and he’s 50! He has very luckily succumbed to fine wine syndrome, and like several other older actors, has actually become more handsome and interesting with age, wisdom, and whatever moisturizer is to thank for his relatively smooth facade. Young George and older George make for some very impressive before and after photos. Thank god for laser eye surgery and barbers who don’t use a chipped bowl as a cutting template.