Brad Pitt Wrote Love Letter to Angelina Jolie Following Her Surgery


According to a report, Brad Pitt decided to write all of his feelings down while Angelina Jolie was recovering from one of her double mastectomy surgeries. Brad watched over her all night long after the operation and wrote her a 5-page love letter telling her exactly how he feels and that he “admires” her. He apparently also regrets not marrying yet and the couple are reportedly set to marry in the coming months now that she has recovered. The source said:

“While she was sleeping, he stayed up all night writing her a letter. One of his biggest points was that he regretted not making an honest woman of her yet. He said the experience made him want to marry her as soon as possible. The letter was five pages long. Brad also spoke a lot of how much he admired her as a strong woman, for her humanitarian work, and spoke at length about how she would always look after him when he needed her. He promised to do the same for her.”

Speaking on the upcoming wedding, the insider said that Angelina has selected to include her mother’s favourite flowers as a tribute to her and they’re currently putting their finishing touches to their French ceremony:

 ”Brad, Angelina and the children are flying to the French Riviera soon to put the final touches to what is now being slated as an early July wedding. They’ve got Robert Procop-designed rings, and have a three-tiered chocolate cake on order and flowers including tiger lilies, which were Angie’s mother’s favourite. It’s going to be a day full of love, laughter and focused on the future.”