Brad Pitt Weighs in on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Casting Choices


Even Brad Pitt has an opinion on the whole ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ casting debacle. Fans of the book are pretty upset (to say the least) about the main characters who’ve been cast so far, which includes Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. However, Brad thinks Charlie is a great choice for the role – he knows him and likes how he works. He believes Charlie can really pull off any job he puts his mind to:

“I know Charlie, he’s a great guy! He’s a good egg and one of the guys that are putting story and craft first, I hope good things for him.”

Brad is currently doing the rounds to promote his latest film, “12 Years A Slave” and he thinks it’s a rare good movie:

“It’s an incredible movie. It’s a very special film, it’s a rare film – it’s why we all get into the business.”

And while he’s promoting the new flick, Angelina was last seen in Australia with all of the kids, which Brad admits must be a handful for her, but he says he wishes he was there too:

“Yeah, she’s got her hands full, I’m actually jealous.”