Alexa Chung to Host FIT’s Future of Fashion Show


British model and tv host Alexa Chung knows a thing or two about fashion – that is obvious from her always effortlessly cool style and regular fashion collaborations that keep her in the spotlight. Alexa is now set to use her knowledge to host Fashion Institute of Technology’s ‘Future of Fashion’ show in New York City. She will help new fashion designers who study at the famous fashion college to put together a special showcase to display their newly created collections. Alexa says the event will make designers get used to how harsh the fashion world can be, and they’ll be putting their work out their for people to criticize as well as compliment. She explained that it will be a step in to reality:

 ”It takes a lot of guts to have your hard work put on display for others to critique and judge. The fashion industry can be a rude awakening for new designers, and FIT offers these students an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse of what they can expect in the ‘real world’.”

Alexa has had many projects as of late, collaborating with beauty company Eyeko for a mini collection of eyeliners and mascaras. She also released her debut novel ‘IT’. Now, Alexa is interested in designing her own fashion collection although she won’t comment on what it’s likely to look like. She says it’s something she hasn’t thought about enough yet:

”For the first collection? Oh god I don’t even know… See, that’s why I need some time to think about it!”