Alexa Chung: “A Bad Outfit Can Really Get me Down”


British beauty Alexa Chung may be known for her flawless, unique sense of style but she has admitted that trying to always be so stylish can sometimes be negative. Working hard to keep her style icon status, Alexa reveals that when she wears an outfit she doesn’t think is up to scratch she feels quite down. She adds that her usual mix is a blend of masculine and feminine styles because she thinks that looks most powerful:

”I think my style is a balance between masculinity and femininity. It’s a sexy way to dress because it’s confident. A bad outfit can really get me down. If I’m wearing something really normal and boring, it’s like torture.”

Alexa comments that her life can be difficult to plan but she enjoys that there is no exact order for everything:

”[It’s] a s**t-show-free-for-all: I have too many agents and no central person, so I’m the central person and I’m already inclined to be quite scatty, so my life has very little order to it. But I love it.”

Alexa says that jobs are only appealing to her when she can have more creative input, such as her recent collaboration with makeup brand Eyeko. She doesn’t want to just put her name on items and says that business opportunities who want her involved in the process are far more interesting to her:

“Often brands will want you to front them, but there’s no room to actually have creative input. This is something that really appeals to me, especially as I get older.”