5 Stars Share Their Biggest Teenage Makeup Disasters

Posted by admin on September 19th, 2017

Teenage years are all about experimenting with beauty and fashion to figure out what works and what doesn’t – unfortunately, what ‘doesn’t work’ is what results in those funny teenage makeup disasters! From too much eyeshadow to strange colour combinations, these stars have candidly revealed where it all went wrong for them in their teenage years, and how they ended up with an embarrassing makeup memory that they now see looked awful on them. Of course, it’s all a part of growing up and the fun of finding what does look good!


  1. Alexa Chung

5 Stars Share Their Biggest Teenage Makeup Disasters

Alexa liked trying out unusual colours: “I started wearing silver eyeshadow – it was the ‘in’ thing. I just wanted to look like I was from space. Rimmel was my brand of choice and I wore it with the Coffee Shimmer lipstick. In hindsight, they looked awful together but it was the ’90s, so it worked.”

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