Alexa Chung on Her Funny 90s Makeup Experiments & Moisturizing Aged 7!


Alexa Chung has commented on some of her funniest makeup memories, admitting that she used to experiment with crazy beauty looks in the 90s which were on trend at the time but now she sees they were “awful”. The model and tv host explained that she would mix bold combinations together:

“I started wearing silver eyeshadow – it was the ‘in’ thing. I just wanted to look like I was from space. Rimmel was my brand of choice and I wore it with the Coffee Shimmer lipstick. In hindsight, they looked awful together but it was the ’90s, so it worked. The fact that I was modelling as a teenager didn’t mean I missed out on any of those awkward beauty phases.”

Alexa vividly remembers moisturizing aged just 7 years old, when she would steal some of her mother’s beauty products to use on her own face:

“When I was young, I used to watch my mom put on Oil of Olay. Afterwards, I’d steal it and then sit in front of the mirror and give myself a face massage. I remember my friend Michelle once saying to me, ‘Why’s your skin like that?’ and I was like, ‘Erm, because I moisturise.’ I was seven.”

Alexa recently teamed up with Nails Inc on a beauty collaboration and she says that she often picks up ideas when she’s travelling from place to place because she sees new beauty trends:

“Travelling for work is fun and I get really inspired when I’m away. Nails are so huge in New York, there’s a nail bar on every corner and it’s cheap, so you hang out there with your friends.”