5 Star Parents Who Admit That They’re Strict

Being a strict parent may not make you particularly cool, but these 5 celebrities all admit that they are! They may have plenty of cash to spend which might allow their kids the freedom to do anything they want (especially teenagers!) but when it comes to setting boundaries for their children they are more than happy to rule over their kids. Not wanting their offspring to live without any rules or curfews because they believe it can be bad for them later in life especially, these 5 star parents say they feel it is important to lay out some ground rules and enforce them so that their children can’t run wild or get away with bad behavior. It makes sense!




Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie admits that recently, Brad has been getting stricter as a dad: ”I used to be the tougher parent but since the birth of the twins, Brad’s had to play bad cop more often. It also depends on which of the children we are talking about. Brad has always had this incredible Bond with Mad, who’s very smart, and Brad loves teaching him about history and art and culture – it’s an amazing thing to watch them together. I think I’m a little closer to the girls, maybe, but he’s always making them laugh. The children are usually very well-behaved though.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer keeps the family running with her strict rules: “I’m the one who keeps everybody on schedule, like, ‘Got to go to bed at this time, got to eat something.’ I was talking about this with somebody – they asked, ‘Do you still love working?’ I said, ‘I just do it quicker.’ I don’t have all the time in the world anymore.”


Madonna claims to be strict on her teenager daughter Lourdes: ”I think I am, but honestly I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard though. Every day is a negotiation. Cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of, for anyone, I don’t approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter.”

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew believes children need discipline: “Discipline is very cool. We run a tight and fun shift. I’m very playful but parents have the advantage of being around for so much longer. If we’re going to sit there and teach our kids that life has consequences, they’re going to turn 18 and go out in their own world. They’re going to find it the hard way. You do it early so they understand how the world works and what is expected of them, not only as a citizen, but as their family name, as a McConaughey, things like that.”

Sheryl Crow
sheryl crow

Sheryl admits to being a strict parent and thinks it’s needed: “I’m strict. I think one thing that is missing now with kids is the hierarchy of adults not being friends, even though ultimately that’s what you want with your kids. They have to understand that somebody’s in charge and sometimes The Answer is no. It’s about being consistent.”