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5 Celebrities Who Love SoulCycle/Spinning Class

Posted by PZ on January 30th, 2015

SoulCycle and other spinning classes offer a unique cardiovascular and muscular workout to improve general fitness and form. These 5 celebrities all say they love to hit up their local class to stay in shape and even find it a fun way to workout because they can listen to the music and invite some friends […]

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5 Celebrities Who Say They’ve Been Inspired by Beyoncé

Posted by PZ on January 29th, 2015

Beyoncé is an inspiration in many ways: from her powerful stage presence, to her body confidence, close family and how she handles the spotlight, the singer has stayed level-headed and is immensely talented. These 5 celebrities may all be hugely famous in their own right, but they’ve revealed that they have been somehow inspired by […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Said That They’re a Romantic

Posted by PZ on January 28th, 2015

These 5 celebrities all say they’re a romantic and when it comes to falling in love, they want it to be passionate and deep. Explaining that they love unforgettable romantic moments that belong on the big screen and say they are amazed by how deeply in love they can fall with the right person, these […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Said Sorry for Racial Slurs

Posted by PZ on January 27th, 2015

There are no excuses for racism and these 5 celebrities have all used offensive terms or slurs, later backtracking on the offensive remarks and saying sorry for any offence they may have caused. While it seems some simply just made slip-ups or were trying to be funny, racism can’t be tolerated in any form and […]

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5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Ready for Kids Yet

Posted by PZ on January 26th, 2015

Even if they’re happily married or in a steady relationship, deciding to start a family is a big step and these 5 celebrities have admitted that they don’t feel ready just yet. Not rushing into it, these stars are enjoying their freedom although they’d love to have kids when the time is right for them. […]

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5 Celebrities Who Struggled at School

Posted by PZ on January 23rd, 2015

Going to school can have its challenges, but these 5 celebrities all say they struggled with their time in education. Some found what they were learning uninteresting to them as they had dreams to become an entertainer, while others just didn’t fit in or couldn’t make friends which made their time in school harder. Opening […]

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5 Stars Who Want to Launch Acting Careers

Posted by PZ on January 22nd, 2015

These 5 stars all want acting careers. Determined to branch out from being a model or singer, these celebrities want to give something new a go and are particularly interested to see if they have what it takes to pull off an acting part. Some are actively working on making their dream come true already, […]


5 Celebrities Who Say They Embarrass Their Kids

Posted by PZ on January 21st, 2015

Parents almost always do something to embarrass their kids, especially when they become teenagers. While you’d think these celebrity kids would be thrilled by who their parents are, instead they often feel like they don’t want to be associated with their famous mom or dad! These 5 stars have opened up on how they tend […]

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5 Stars Speak on Not Rushing Into Marriage

Posted by PZ on January 20th, 2015

Marriage shouldn’t be rushed into (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian!) and these 5 celebrities have opened up on taking their time before heading down the aisle. Wanting the timing to be right and sure they are with the right person, these 5 stars say they’re not going to force the process, and are looking […]

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5 Actors Who Don’t Care About Winning an Oscar

Posted by PZ on January 19th, 2015

The Oscars are just around the corner and the hype over nominations has everyone talking – however, these 5 actors say they don’t care about winning one and reveal that they aren’t hungry to see their name on the nominations list. Some have been nominated before, while others haven’t, and they all say it equally […]

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5 Female Celebrities Who Can’t Walk in Heels

Posted by PZ on January 16th, 2015

While some people seem to naturally master the art of walking in heels and can breeze around wearing even the highest pair, others just never find their balance and struggle to simply stay upright when wearing a pair of towering stilettos, or even a lower pair of heels. Although they might be forced to wear […]

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5 Celebrities Who Admit They’re Very Competitive

Posted by PZ on January 15th, 2015

Revealing that they have a strong competitive streak, these 5 celebrities have opened up on how they constantly push themselves to be the best. Saying they are always very determined and driven, these stars want to reach the top and won’t let anything stop them on their quest. Not shy about admitting their competitiveness, these […]

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5 Celebrities Respond to Being Called Too Thin

Posted by PZ on January 14th, 2015

Is thin-shaming just as bad as fat-shaming? These 5 celebrities have all been called out for being too thin – and they’ve decided to respond to their weight critics. Saying they are healthy and don’t have an eating disorder, these stars have hit back to say that calling them out for being too skinny is […]

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5 Celebrity Guys Who’ve Joked About The Size of Their Manhood

Posted by PZ on January 13th, 2015

These 5 celebrity guys have all randomly referenced the size of their manhood, joking about the length of their trouser snake. While the ladies of Celebville rarely reference their ‘parts’, these 5 guys couldn’t resist a good penis joke and decided to laugh about either being large, small, etc. Some were rumoured to have an […]

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5 Celebrities Who Feel Awkward Receiving so Much Attention

Posted by PZ on January 12th, 2015

Being thrown into the spotlight for your work – only to have your whole life exposed – can’t be easy to cope with and these 5 celebrities admit that receiving so much attention can make them feel, at the very least, a bit awkward! Finding it strange that so much attention is lavished on them, […]

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5 Stars Speak on the Pain of Divorce

Posted by PZ on January 9th, 2015

Going through a very public divorce must be incredibly difficult – constantly asked about the subject in interviews while suffering through the heartbreak, celebrities must have an even harder time getting through their divorces while coping with the pressure of fame. These 5 stars have candidly commented on the pain of divorce, speaking on what […]

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5 Celebrities Who Enjoyed Being Pregnant

Posted by PZ on January 8th, 2015

While not everyone enjoys the experience of being pregnant due to the nausea, back pain and other hardships, they feel it is worth it to simply create their baby. However, these 5 celebrities have gushed about actually enjoying their pregnancy too and say they loved waiting for their new arrival. Here is what they’ve said […]

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Said They Love to be Naked

Posted by PZ on January 7th, 2015

Being naked is very natural – and these 5 celebrities have revealed that they love to spent time on their own simply being completely nude. Some say it just helps them relax or get in touch with their natural side, while one singer adds that she has learnt to accept her body by spending more […]

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5 Celebrities Who Think Early Success Can be Negative

Posted by PZ on January 6th, 2015

Does achieving early success actually make life harder? These 5 celebrities think it can be negative. Believing that to win an Oscar in your early 20s or to have millions already stashed away in your back account as a teenager can lead down a dangerous path, because there is nothing left to achieve – and […]

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5 Celebrity Working Mothers Speak on Being Judged by Other Parents

Posted by PZ on January 5th, 2015

It’s not easy being a parent – but to feel as though others are judging how you’re bringing up your kids must make it even tougher. These 5 celebrity working mothers are doing their best to balance their busy home lives with their careers, and make parenting decisions based on what’s best for them. They […]

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5 Celebrities Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Posted by PZ on January 2nd, 2015

2015 is here – and along with a new wave of diets – many of us make some New Year’s Resolutions to hopefully stick to, or to try to improve ourselves in some way in the year ahead. These 5 celebrities have shared their resolutions and they range from the very doable – such as […]

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5 Celebrities Speak on Working Through Break-Ups

Posted by PZ on January 1st, 2015

Breaking up is never easy to do – and these 5 celebrities have opened up on how they moved past splitting from their other half. Believing there is much to learn from a break-up, these stars say they’ve taken the time to examine where it all went wrong and did their best to work through […]

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